Forensic facial reconstruction of Homo erectus

Forensic Facial Reconstruction: The Journey to Connect with our Ancestors

Facial reconstructions allow us to look eye to eye with our ancient ancestors and relate to them in a way that skeletal remains do not inspire. It can be dehumanizing to look at a bare skull , and...
Weimar (Thuringia). Museum for Prehistory in Thuringia: Reconstruction of the Unetice culture’s Bronze Age prince's grave in Leubingen.

Prehistoric Prince Was Brutally Murdered in the Oldest Politically Motivated Assassination

A team of archaeologists and forensics experts studying the remains of the 'Prince of Helmsdorf,’ dated to around 1940 BC, who was discovered in Klopfleisch in 1877, have announced that ‘he was...
Two varying depictions of the same figure, Jesus. (Deriv)

Reconstructing Jesus: Using Science to Flesh out the Face of Religion

For being one of the most widely recognized men in the last 2,000 years, the true appearance of Jesus of Nazareth remains a mystery. Traditionally portrayed in western art as a be-robed, light-...
Fatal wounds to the front and back of the skull thought to be caused by axe blows.

3,600-year-old bones of king Senebkay show Egyptian pharaoh met brutal end

King Senebkay, pharaoh during the Abydos Dynasty, was brutally killed during a fierce battle, researchers believe, and his remains were returned home to be mummified long after his death. Dr. Josef...