The Etruscan Legacy and Megalithic Italy Tour

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21/09/2014 - 06:30 to 02/10/2014 - 06:30

Just southeast of Rome (as well as other areas) there are some remarkable polygonal walls underlying later Etruscan and Roman building. The construction is similar to that found in some sites in Greece, Turkey and South America, and it is similarly mis-dated and not recognised for what it is. Could this use of massive blocks of stone, so accurately cut and fitted together, be a legacy of the mysterious Pelasgi, a race said to have founded Greek civilisation and colonised Italy in the Bronze Age? This section of the tour is much more of an exploratory adventure in the countryside of Italy and of the history of civilisation. We will be exploring lesser visited sites as well as a lost city, an ancient oracle site, renowned temples and citadels. Join us as we look for evidence to rewrite history. This 5-day pre-tour Add-on will include 4 nights in Ferentino visiting hilltop towns with panoramic views, and megalithic structures in the hills to the east of Rome.

The Etruscans ruled over an area of Italy called Etruria (Tuscany) between 900BC – 300BC. At the height of their power (c. 500 B.C.), they dominated Italy from the Po river in the north to central Campania building 12 great cities around a ritual centre. This mysterious religious culture worshipped the Earth Mother and are believed by some historians to have founded Western civilisation until the Roman Empire usurped them and destroyed their sacred cities. Only in the last two hundred years have their secrets come to light revealing mysterious pyramids, rock-cut temples, passages and tombs. Enjoy this unique, never before offered, connoisseur tour of ancient Etruscan sites and Renaissance cities with Gary Biltcliffe, Caroline Hoare, Glenn and Cameron Broughton. We will stay for four nights in the ancient medieval town of Tarquinia, the capital city of the Etruscans and visit the most spectacular painted tombs outside of Egypt. There will also be day visits to:

* Ancient temples, tombs and rock-cut passages in the spectacular and beautiful Valley of the Etruscan Kings accompanied by local expert and author of Etruscan mysteries, Giovanni Feo.

* Strange rock-cut temples that resemble Petra.

* Magnificent megalithic and polygonal walls of lost and abandoned towns

* The Grail church of the Etruscans and a Cistercian Abbey

* The last three days will be based around the magnificent Renaissance city of Siena where we will connect the dragon lines of the Apollo/St Michael alignment and visit the spectacular medieval hilltop town of Volterra and see the 'Sword in the Rock' at San Golgano Abbey.

* We will have the services of a full-time Italian guide with us throughout the main and pre-tour sections.

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Leonardo da Vinci International Airport
Via dell' Aeroporto di Fiumicino 320
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