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Ancient Pyramid Builders Modern Cosmology & The Science of Immortality

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27/05/2016 - 18:00 to 22:00

Ancient Pyramid Builders Modern Cosmology & The Science of Immortality

What was/is the true function of the Great Pyramid of Egypt?

Had the ancient Egyptians discovered a "science of immortality"?

Can modern quantum mechanics, latest cosmology and cutting edge neurology provide answers?

Robert Bauval will present the latest findings to these questions based on this forthcoming book "The Cosmic Womb" co-authored with the eminent physicist and cosmologist Prof. Chandra Wickramsinghe, the proponent of the “Panspermia Theory”.

Robert Bauval is a Belgian author, lecturer, and Ancient Egypt researcher, best known for his Orion Correlation Theory .

In late 1992, Bauval had been trying to obtain a translation of Hermetica by Walter Scott. He then came across a new edition printed by Solo Press with a foreword by Adrian Gilbert .[1] Bauval contacted Gilbert after being interested in his foreword concerning a link between an Alexandrine school of Hermes Trismegistus and the pyramid builders of the Fourth dynasty of Egypt. They went on to write The Orion Mystery together, which became an international bestseller. [2] BBC Two broadcast a documentary on Bauval's theories around the time of the book's publication. [3] He has also co-authored three books with Graham Hancock .

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United States
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