Landscape of the ancient city of Eretria, Euboea, Greece. Source: photo_stella / Adobe Stock

From Mycenaean to Macedon: The Prominence of Eretria in Greek Colonization

Eretria is an ancient Greek city state located in the southern part of Euboea , a Greek island facing the coast of Attica . Eretria is said to have been founded during the 8th century BC and was one...
A beautifully decorated bent sword, 826-600 BC, part of the finds in a noble's grave at Oss in The Netherlands.

The Killing of Swords: A Destructive Funerary Rite To Release the Spirit of Weapons Into the Afterlife

The deliberate destruction of grave goods before burial is a funerary practice found in a number of different ancient cultures. The most notable grave goods that are ‘killed’ are weapons such as...