Wooden brazier used for recreational cannabis use. Source: Xinhua Wu / Science Advances

Ancient Chinese Death Rituals Involved Smoking Cannabis Specifically “To Get High”

Archaeological evidence gathered at the excavation of ‘eight ancient Chinese tombs’ has finally determined that people were indeed smoking cannabis 2,500 years ago, just to “ get high ”. The eight...
Grave from Körtik Tepe 8,000 to 7,000 BC showed plastering of skeleton with cut marks on the bones.

Prehistoric Anatolians removed flesh from bones to ease transition to death

New research suggests that people in a Stone Age village in Turkey cut the flesh off the bones and skulls of several people who were dying or had just died then painted and/or plastered the bones and...
In Scaloria Cave stalactites on the cave ceiling and at right a mixture of stalactite fragments and human bone fragments, found during 2013 excavations

First evidence of defleshing of human bones in Neolithic Europe found in Italy cave

Archaeologists studying a cave in southeast Italy with remains of people who died 7,500 years ago say they have identified the first known cases in New Stone Age Europe of people scraping the flesh...