Human Remains in Wall - Peru

Human Remains found buried in walls of pre-Inca archaeological site

Archaeologists have discovered human remains buried inside the walls of a pre-Inca archaeological site, challenging the belief that the site was an administrative centre for the Wari culture. The...
Tattooed Mummy

Tomb of the Tattooed Sorceress Queen, The Lady of Cao

The day had been spent in ritual battles, and a group of individuals who were vanquished, naked, and tied-together were marched up the long stairs to the top platform of the great pyramid where there...
Pattra Leaf

Tibet fights to preserve culture through protection of ancient scriptures

An institute has been established in Tibet to preserve ancient texts written on the leaves of plants, known as pattra-leaf scriptures. Originally from ancient India, these cultural relics are...
Mes Aynak

Top 5 ‘Ethical Victories’ for Archaeologists in 2013

We have already published the worst archaeological destructions for 2013 , which conveyed accounts of the decimation and destruction of a number of culturally rich and historically important sites...
Old Colombia Site

Huge team of archaeologists work to recover treasures from 3000-Year-Old site in Colombia

More than one hundred archaeologists have been working tirelessly on a 3,000-year-old site near Bogota that experts believe could reveal new insights into Colombia's pre-Hispanic people. The ancient...
Skeletons embrace Siberia

The ancient graves with couples in loving embrace

Late last year, archaeologists revealed an incredible discovery in a village in the Novosibirsk region of Siberia where scientists were studying some 600 Bronze Age tombs – dozens of them contained...
Tomb in Peru

Archaeologists discover tomb of ancient Peruvian culture

Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a tomb containing multiple burials belonging to the Chimú culture in the Samanco archaeological complex, a small urban trading town located in the lower Nepeña...
Bronze Age sundial

Archaeologists find Bronze Age sundial dating back more than 3,000 years

A new study which will be published in the journal Archaeoastronomy and Ancient Technologies reports on the discovery of a carved sundial on top of a Bronze Age grave in the Ukraine, now known to be...