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  • Reply to: Unleashing The Power of the Gods: Hexes and Black Magic in the Ancient Greek Olympics   7 hours 30 min ago
    Comment Author: Walliam Jennifer

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  • Reply to: Ancient Indian Sages Who Held Advanced Knowledge on Science and Technology   12 hours 5 min ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    Errrm! Show the sources of ancient aviation! You can't do it because there aren't any. Complete rubbish. Your other suggestion that rockets were created in India would not be accepted by authorities either! They were first used in a battle in China, they were not very lethal but would have had a psychological impact on the adversary.
    Don't get me wrong there are some ancient accounts of flight and some may have a basis, but trying to suggest people in the stone age had spacecraft is without foundation. There may be some basis for Daedalus and Icarus, but would have been a very basic glider. They are quite a few accounts of tower jumpers, most broke there legs. The chinese invented the rocket and propeller (crude). The other two classes of aircraft propulsion were invented in Britain (jets and another more recently). As were the principles of a modern day aircraft (Cayley), a powered fixed wing flight was demonstrated in Britain about 30 years before the Wrights (about 5 times the distance, altitude and endurance) but was not considered a success as the pilot died.
    Yes, an Indian did come up with the concept of an atom that was indivisible, but not valency as the textbook illustrates. E.g. published and date stamped that can be evidenced, rather than wishful thinking.

  • Reply to: A Tale of Two Brigids: a Celtic Goddess and a Christian Saint   13 hours 40 min ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    How strange, the islands seem to share a common ancient belief system, this can be seen as early as 8000 bce in Malta, that had a single mother Earth goddess. They share the same type of building structures and triskelion used at New Grange for example. This spreads to other islands around the Med and perhaps further. There was known trade between Malta and the Alpine region in axes around this time, so ideas and commodities did travel some considerable distance. Around 6000-3000 BCE three deities are created. The twins, the mistress if [wild] animals (the 'Moon') and the master of animals (the 'Sun), with his consort ('Venus'). This creates four houses, that represent planets, time of day (midnight, sun-set, mid-day and sunrise, respectively. They have corresponding seasons: Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring, they also represent cardinal direction (and to a degree wind direction at their time of day). This does then get very confused after around 1600BCE, the sisters in law in particular. This may be why Brigit has certain aspects of Minerva (Virgin) and others of Dawn (birth). It is also why the three are sometimes combined in the triple goddess (That become fates in some cultures). This may explain the slight confusion, the twins both represent aspects of light sunlight and moonlight. It is useful to see there stem from though that are the main axis (North - the 'Earch' is furthermost away from the sun) to South (closer to the Sun), the sisters in law (Moon and VEnus) orbit their principles. This was well understood in very ancient times.
    The earliest Etymology of BRITain may be associated with BRITomartis and was know to the Phoenicians that suggests the name was in use in very ancient times. According to the mariners referencing system, this may be referring to the sources of tin (west to Iberia), then North to Brittaney and Britain. It is interesting that the Mythology of IReland is based on invasions that are generally considered to be from IBeria, but the irelands would be a much better match. They favored small defensible islands which is where a lot of the Neolithic building are. The single ship turning up at Ireland shore and negotiated half the Ireland! this needs to be considered, the metal merchants could have bought the support of clans and would have brought organisation (This is the root meaning behind the deities, those that organise), they would have setup stores of grain (for Winter months: the ever-filling cauldron), planned economic output, division of labour, with surpluses to pay for a military and so on. The Egyptians didn't have the navigational expertise to make such a voyage, the islands that traded with the Egyptians did though and it does explain the out of place artefacts such as glass and ape bones being found this far north. It would also explain the interest in SNakes that is found in Irish iconography (difficult to explain this as there were not any in IReland, St Patrixk driving them out is not cull of actual snakes, but the idea). This relates to Thuban the snake and pole star at this time and is associated with mother earth as she turns one a day and once a year in ongoing cycles.

  • Reply to: Are Ancient Inscriptions Found at Tintagel Evidence of King Arthur’s Presence?   1 day 7 hours ago
    Comment Author: Cousin_Jack

    You mean Arthur was Celtic?  Well they did a good job of hiding that, next you’ll be talking about Cornish boars or choughs. The excavations will be needed for the future comercialization of the site, which have taken a leap foward in recent years. It’ll resemble Lands End yet. And Cornwall wrote in Latin until the 1500’s when there was a specific rebellion in regards to language.

  • Reply to: Discovery of sphinx in northern China tomb presents something of a riddle   1 day 9 hours ago
    Comment Author: Ray Gibson

    Alright, so an artist carved a replica, big deal.

  • Reply to: Silver cups from ancient Peruvian civilization change Chachapoya history   1 day 19 hours ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    Hi Mark, I wonder if the bags are a standard weight to apportion commodities fairly. The Sumerian rules also carried them, they are perceived as a symbol of power, but a quick calculation estimating there size from the iconography of 20x20x5 cms and assuming that they were made of stone would suggest they weighed approximately 16kgs. This is half a talent in weight (28-32kgs varied by city-state but all similar it is the weight a man can carry). It's quite an important principle to standardise the fair exchange of commodities (such a cloth, grain and so on). They used a sexagesimal (base sixty) subdivisions for smaller decision called mina (about 0.5kg), useful as it highly devisable into halves, quarters, eighths, tenths, twelfths and so on. I wonder if they had the same idea, which would make sense as without them everyone argues and ends up the ruler's court to resolve a dispute. It would make sense that it became a symbol of authority (as we use today justice holding a balance scale). Just an idea.
    I enjoyed your article on wave piloting stick maps. The Minoans seem to record the currents in their pottery, probably for a similar reason, you need to understand the natural currents and winds if your rowing under oar or sailing. I’ve been looking at meteorological data recently and realised that their deities which express cardinal direction and time of day are also relevant to the changes in wind pattern in the day too, it’s a superb system for those that want to navigate the high seas. Eg. North is also midnight (Mother Earth) - North, Day break (Venus) - East, Midday (Sun) – South and Sunset (Moon) – West. You can see this today on wind roses and diurnal changes in wind direction. The changes in daily wind direction are influenced as they change through each house throughout the day, clever or what – it’s such an elegantly simple system to navigate. I’m so impressed with the ancient technology, they knew much more than they are given credited for and knew a lot about how the world and solar system actually works.

  • Reply to: Stonehenge Builders Had Ancient Knowledge of Pythagorean Geometry   1 day 19 hours ago
    Comment Author: Further info

    There may be some evidence that they were trying to work out some really important things, like the size of the Earth, planets and the sun. I don't know much about the Neolithic mega structurers, but from what I've seen of Minoan artefacts, they were using precise measuring tools. The so called double axes are substantial flat, they both reflect sunlight and cast shadows for tracking the suns position (time of day) and were used in peak sanctuaries with lots of other markers (so called Horns of consecration on the wall tops), the iconography shows this is there intended purpose. You can move the axes around to line the tips up with targets (stars, they probably did this for foreign ships on the horizon too). You measure the distances between fixed reference markers horns or use axes to the walls and you get angles. It doesn’t have to be an axe, two staffs would work too (that other cultures seem to refer to). The Minoans (maybe others) will have had Babylonian trigonometry tables (jaw dropping-ly good) to convert angles to distance or visa versa (this gives you not only bearings but range to say foreign ships (if they saw a flash of light, they were just about to be boarded by marines – all the Minoan fleet were white hulls and protected their territorial waters and commodities flowing probably to levy duty if they saw any plain wooden hulls on the horizon), these axes could also be used for long distance signalling too. They were fascinated by numbers (their Palace bookkeeping records make KPMG auditors look interesting), they embedded things like pi and Fibonacci numbers into their buildings proportions for example. The Babylon records show they were observing and recording the patterns of the celestial bodies on a daily basis. The reason I’m flagging this up is that you can’t produce the antikythera mechanism unless you understand and have been monitoring the stars position for centuries (there is an offcentered cog in the mechanism to track the egg shaped orbit of the moon it is a very sophisticated analogue computer), they didn’t just keep records of this, they could predict eclipses, they have basic manual calculators (like abacus for orbits) to do just this. The stars are a clock due to precession of the equinoxes and you can mark your time by alignment to key references, the Sphinx’s is recording when it was built, civilisation is a lot older than most think. I’m flagging this up because if you had separation between observatories sites this might be useful for certain events or to make other measurements, I’m pretty sure they would have been interested in this, they wanted to better understand those that organised the solar system and its patterns, underlying rules and the cycles of life. It makes perfect sense to support agriculture, navigate and better understand the world about you. The Minoans appear to be really good at navigation for example, they had portable double axe mirrors, they know the time of day and their latitude, there are even offsets markers on the B side that show the adjustment you need to make for the time of year so you know your latitude, can be used mid-day (sun at zenith) or referencing the stars at night (probably Orion belt – nice and bright to the horizon). There is even a technical diagram on a pottery jar to explain how it all works. The petal of life means (organise), petals are shown above the axe (winter solstice), below (summer solstice) and either side at equinox. The sumerians also used this same symbol (you see it on the rulers wrist bands, that walks around with a standard weight MEASURE in his hand).
    Oddly, there is a tomb in Cumbria and in the stone ceiling of it, there are rebated sections to gravity cast double axes (like about 30 of them), that suggests they were produced in some volume in Britain at this time (I cannot explain this), but the tools to measure the stars position may have been in Britain around the time of stone henge. They could have got there through Iberia trade or over the amber road.

  • Reply to: Stonehenge Builders Had Ancient Knowledge of Pythagorean Geometry   1 day 21 hours ago
    Comment Author: Guillaumé

    “It’s a colossal omission to the history of science that we don’t see these monuments for what they are," 

    Yes, this is the tragedy of our times. We simply don’t understand that they had technology also. We believe (because of the media) that we are the apex of civilisations but this is obviously not so.                                                Do not overlook Thom’s work  

  • Reply to: Sir Isaac Newton’s Secret Quest for the God Engine   1 day 22 hours ago
    Comment Author: Guillaumé

    During his time he was best known for his dedication to and knowledge of, Astrolog. Astrology was then, not the vilified subject it is today. 

    “the universe was a cryptogram set by The Almighty.” Newton set out to: “read the riddle of the Godhead, of past and future events divinely foreordained” 

    Of which he did, through Astrology.

  • Reply to: Paradigm Shift Required? 3-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Found in Peru May Change the Story of Human Origins   1 day 23 hours ago
    Comment Author: csaaphill

    Why is this site so censored that creationists have a difficult time posting?
    God damn page refreshed and erased all the text I had in it already damn!
    But again 100% legit finding but is not evolution proof but creation proof, or evidence.
    The book of Asher talks about how the Giants did animal experiments, so this is or could be one of those. But here they did experiments with
    snakes and Humans. I watched the video and then the other one that comes up after you watch this one, and it was a press conference in Peru or Mexico, and
    showed several different bodies just like this one, but they said they were all reptillian.
    We did not evolve nor is this evidence of any of that. I'm open to ET or Angles and weird experiments with humans and animals but not evolution which is the fraud!!!!!
    Movie or other video said something about the Govt working with them? Oh hell no don't let the govt nor the smithsonian have anythign to do with this!!!!
    you'll never see them agian and will never be able to prove crap.

  • Reply to: Wootz Steel: The Mysterious Metal that Was Used in Deadly Damascus Blades   2 days 16 hours ago
    Comment Author: John Peterson

    Kind of hard to say that, what with the original recipe for Damascus steel being lost through the ages. For all historical purposes, however, Damascus steel is rumored to have been serated at the nanolevel. Thusly, making it much sharper than anything a Japanese swordsmith has ever been able to produce.

  • Reply to: Stonehenge Builders Had Ancient Knowledge of Pythagorean Geometry   3 days 8 hours ago
    Comment Author: Ashley20202

    Love to look at it. email [email protected]

  • Reply to: Stonehenge Builders Had Ancient Knowledge of Pythagorean Geometry   3 days 8 hours ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    Bang on Ashley! Take a look at Babylonian trigonometry (as in tan, cos, sin), it was even better than today, it uses fractions so everything is much easier to calculate, but don't let the computer scientist know or they will make even better AI to outsmart the humans.
    Hey, your article on Egyptian rock processing gave me an idea. I worked out how they were producing facing stones so precisely, I've looked into it and it checks out. Would you like to write it up (I'm not so good at words, but I can produce the illustrations and do the mechanical engineering maths) if you'd like to give it a whirl?
    Your essential right, water was used to make the blocks level, but they were not using chisels, they had something much better to make the blocks perfectly flat (within about 10 micron), parallel and consistent across courses and processed damn fast! Ancient tech rocks, it's so simple and effective!
    Let me know your email and I'll send on some details for your thoughts. Best, Nick

  • Reply to: Could the Strange Prehistoric Carved Stone Balls Represent Atoms?   3 days 11 hours ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    Thinking about it, it gets kind of cold in this part of the world in Winter, there wasn't any double glazing. I wonder if the crafting these stones was a pasttime and had a practical use also: hand warmers, they seem about the right size, throw them in the fire and then wrap them in cloth to keep your hands warm, some are very ornate but some quite crude. All the stones seem to be quiet hard, but you could rub two hard stones together to create these wonderful shapes, because this would take some considerable time to do you can see that they have thought about it, I can see someone passing time around a fire on an evening to make one, they didn't have TV, watching the stars or doing something like this a past-time before retiring, may be?

    I had a girlfriend at college that used to buy chips (or chip as she called them), she didn't eat them they were to keep her hands warm on a cold winter night on a walk home.

  • Reply to: Could the Strange Prehistoric Carved Stone Balls Represent Atoms?   3 days 14 hours ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    I like all these comments, they are very creative like the people that crafted these rather intriguing objects. My first thought was a weapon, however looking at more of them there are many that are not spherical, but appear to be sized to fit in the palm. They reminded me of an Orb held by a monarch. Further details here:
    The history suggests this was as a known symbol of power in pre-Christian times also, so I wonder if it was also used in ancient times as a symbol of authority by a Chieftain?
    I found the globes with spirals interesting, Minoans used spirals to represent the movement of currents, if these were found on islands I wonder if they have a similar meaning? Although I would not have expected this, the same iconography is used in Newgrange which suggests there may have been some form of contact or exchange between the med and peninsular around this time. Which actually makes a lot of sense, the Minoans had similar (in some senses better) maritime navigational skills and seaworthy ships for long distance voyages as the Phoenicians, the later were known to visit the tin islands and they largely learned this from the seafaring Philistines that were Minoans. In fact the first known use of name Britain appears in their records, similarly, the Minoans had a minor deity called Britomartis, which is associated with and sometimes shown above the Mistress of the West, Artemis. I wonder if this is a reference to Navigating to the Pillars of Hercules and then heading North to the other source of Tin.

  • Reply to: Archaeologists May Have Discovered the Birthplace of King Arthur: Legends Come to Life?   4 days 10 hours ago
    Comment Author: kjohnson

    Interesting article and comments. It’s always good to have intelligent feedback with helpful links. Good job

  • Reply to: Are Ancient Inscriptions Found at Tintagel Evidence of King Arthur’s Presence?   4 days 12 hours ago
    Comment Author: Camille

    Writers seriously still use the term "the Dark Ages" instead of "the Middle Ages" or "Medieval Ages?" It wasn't as dismal as people like to think it was. C'mon...

  • Reply to: Picts, Gaels, and Scots: Exploring their Mysterious (and Sometimes Mythical) Origins   5 days 2 hours ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    Err, the Celts originated in central Europe around 800 bc. I could explain the origin of Celtic art, but to be clear the style is adopted by the people that set up trade colony there well before the Celts. All the islands and thalassocracy that followed have exactly the same belief system! You might want to look up a minor Minoan deity, BRITomatis, the hunting companion of Artemis which also means West, she is always shown above. It is very similar to Brigit. The Phoenician come from seafaring philistines, that were known as wanders (E.g. not originally from that land) or Caphtor (Aegian or Cretan) that would have been displaced following Thera eruption and did have the shipbuilding and navigational skills to undertake a voyage of this type and may have a need to do so to find a new home. It is a much better link than you might think, the highest concentration of surviving Minoan dna is in Oxford! All of the island supported substantial larger populations than their own land would provide, there was a global crop failure so may have (did) scatter to all four corners to try to find a new home. A new high temperate furnace went to Troy (North), South to get food from Eygpt (that would have been less effective by the ash fall out (With the flooding of the Nile each year), pick up some slaves and head east (the Levant) and West (Carthage, other islands, and Iberia to try to reestiblish the tin supply - they might have just carried on until they found a land that was not affected by famine and crop failure). What your describing are basically the colonies they went to! They also eventually became the thalassocracies much later in history, probably because of the knowledge they based on (I do mean all of them).

  • Reply to: True Origin of Ancient Turquoise Outstretches Previous Beliefs   5 days 8 hours ago
    Comment Author: Further info

    The view of ancient long distance trade has been very naïve. This is not how trade works. A natural abundance of commodity cascades to adjacent regions and eventually over considerable distance. When demand is established in a market huge distances away, these links become stronger and eventually become established. Merchants don't need to travel the total distance between point of origin and the ultimate market, it can be done through a network of exchange. By example, lapis lazuli originates in Afghanistan, however was found in trade goods throughout the med long before the silk road is considered to have been established. These single source commodities have to get to a different part of the world somehow!

  • Reply to: Ancient teeth reveal evidence of 400,000 year-old manmade pollution in Israel   5 days 9 hours ago
    Comment Author: Further info

    Well at least the academics are considering that there are stages of development between hunting and gathering to an organised civilisation. Their somewhat binary view of the world has been polarised and naïve or it often ignores the enabling steps inbetween to bring civilisation about. They may wish to established facts, but the far past is not so black and white, the more it is debated, the more we can understand of what the issues actually were, but not discussing them at all just keeps us all in the dark.