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  • Reply to: The Eternal Kiss of the Hasanlu Lovers Throws Up Questions of Ancient Love: Romance, Bromance or Something More Familial?   1 hour 10 min ago
    Comment Author: Mary Madeline

    Don't understand why they can't get the sex of neither, very weird , considering the science of today

  • Reply to: How Anglo-Saxon England Made the Radical Change to Christianity   4 hours 19 min ago
    Comment Author: Guillaumé

    The rapid conversion to Christianity was due to the tip of a very sharp sword.

  • Reply to: Piercing the Veil: Uncovering the Secrets of The Holy Lance   4 hours 28 min ago
    Comment Author: Guillaumé

    Institutional religion is a powerful weapon to subjugate.

    "So holy relics began popping up with increased frequency."
    So much money fluidity for icons. I scratch my head.

  • Reply to: Mathematics of the Pharaohs: The Rhind Papyrus and Ancient Egyptian Math   6 hours 27 min ago
    Comment Author: TomS

    Hard to understand how they did anything complex with hieroglyph numbers even if it was in base 10. Especially without the zero. I read somewhere about Sumerian numbers being base 60. Maybe our numbers would look like hieroglyphs to them.

    Equally difficult is visualizing the Romans accomplishing their architecture and engineering with their unwieldy numerical system.

  • Reply to: How Anglo-Saxon England Made the Radical Change to Christianity   6 hours 39 min ago
    Comment Author: TomS

    I thought the first Christians in England was the Church of the Culdees, established by Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury in the first century. This was, I think, 37AD before Christianity even reached Rome. A quick search will give plenty of references. I do know, however, that most of early Celtic Christianity was Gnostic but this church was supposed to be true, pure, primitive Christianity.

  • Reply to: Mathematics of the Pharaohs: The Rhind Papyrus and Ancient Egyptian Math   6 hours 47 min ago
    Comment Author: Gary Moran

    The engineering involved in building the pyramids certainly needed more advanced math techniques. The mathematical data encoded into the design cannot be just coincidence. That in itself convinces me that the Egyptians we know could not have built those monuments, regardless of what Lehner and Hawass say.

  • Reply to: Beware the Wandering Wilas   8 hours 58 min ago
    Comment Author: Ladyorpheus

    We marry Vila men. We don't all have bright blond hair, we do get highly aggravated when people talk on our behalf and the rumours that we became human if we married a mortal was created as a kind of hunting propaganda. Amusingly the men are even angrier than the women and more beautiful. Society always splits 50/50 between worshiping us and wanting to trap us. My father is "mortal" and my family had forgotten their tribe due to extreme seperation caused by enslavement. I realised that my father coveted me a year ago and he turned into a slave driving monster because I said no just once. He withdrew all security and pushed me toward prostitution which I refused. He forced illness on me as a way to make me admit faelty. He is not Veela, he is just a lord of the rings fanboy who likes to own fairies.
    I've worked in public for over a decade and I never agree and the covetous nature of society gives me a mini heart attack, but it's still preferable to the slavery system my father set up. I've seen more honour in all the dictators of earth than in the man I share DNA from.
    I've been testing my DNA for a year, I orchestrate emotions as people need them. It only works in person. I've been making my own psychology degree out of boredom. If a person tells me they love someone I can tell them their potential feelings and how to woo them and if someone is hating on them I create a little emotional backboard so they can set up deflections so both parties grow up again. No marriage, no blood oath, just good old fashioned logic.
    We've grown up right alongside everyone else, it's just those of us with brown to black hair get absolutely mistreated by people. I'm only 5 foot, so I get a lot of dwarf jokes flung at me. I'm not the one who overfed me and verbally bullied me for years ago that I'd be stunted. I'm still cute but if I try to shine I get beat down by every hussy going. I'm tired. I fell in love with someone last year and I let him go because fairytales were interfering with reality. I protect him from afar though so that part is true. If he decides his true love is elsewhere I completely respect that I'm not the Vila for him. I loved, I lost, I tried, part of me died and life moves on. We re-emerge and others come to romance on the field of battle.
    I've compared Vila love to boring human love and you all have it considerable better. You shouldn't desire us. Not if you want to live longer.

  • Reply to: 7,000-year-old Fortress Found Under the Yumuktepe Mound   10 hours 34 min ago
    Comment Author: [email protected]

    i love you anti-semitic Aryan-supremacist types. don’t let the nasty facts get in the way that the Aryans were the major culprits of spreading war and racist around the world.

  • Reply to: 7,000-year-old Fortress Found Under the Yumuktepe Mound   10 hours 36 min ago
    Comment Author: [email protected]

    There was no need for fortresses 7000 years ago, as there was no war. Why is everyone trying so hard to pretend we have always been fighting wars?  Why do you call it a "fortress" and then say it was a wall for the production of copper ? If you really don't know that copper isn’t hard enough to make weapons, and that there were no weapons before there was bronze, please refrain from writing archaeology.  

  • Reply to: Piercing the Veil: Uncovering the Secrets of The Holy Lance   1 day 6 hours ago
    Comment Author: TomS

    If the spear was owned by Roman emperors, and they ruled the world for a thousand years, does it matter if is the authentic Spear of Longinus? It is proven to work.

  • Reply to: A Celtic Creation: Sea-foam, the Placenta from the Birth of the Universe   1 day 9 hours ago
    Comment Author: Mary Madeline

    I wish more was written, good article!

  • Reply to: Thuggees – the Cult Assassins of India   1 day 15 hours ago
    Comment Author: Loma
  • Reply to: The Anglo-Saxon Conquerors: Creators of Medieval England   2 days 1 hour ago
    Comment Author: Tony Newlove

    There are two major mistakes in this article. First the Celts of England were generally not enslaved by the Anglo- Saxons. They were overwhelmed and assimilated, but the plethora of place-names beginning with Wal show that there were many identifiable separate Celtic communities existing long after the country had been flooded by the Germanic invaders. Second although some Celts withdrew to Cumbria, Wales, Cornwall and Britanny they did not move to Scotland and Ireland. Irish Celts are generally supposed to have invaded Ireland directly from continental Europe, almost certainly Spain and Portugal, and certain Irish tribes, known as Scots, conquered Scotland and gave it its name.

  • Reply to: New Minoan Hoard Proves Snails Were Lucrative   2 days 5 hours ago
    Comment Author: William Bradshaw

    The Minoans were the Serpent People who are tetraploid humans. Their size, strength and intelligence is far superior to normal diploid humans. They worshipped the Snake Goddess AKA Lucifer AKA The Devil. The same Lucifer that  most religions worship in secret to this day. They are the ones flying around in USOs and UFOs. They control Earth but remain in hiding. The wrote much of the Old Testament and the Minotaur was Satan.


    source: Secrets of the Pink Kush. 


  • Reply to: The Coddu Vecchiu Tombs of Giants: Nuragic Burials and Sardinian Secrets   2 days 7 hours ago
    Comment Author: Gary Moran

    There are many newspaper and local ‘historical society’ accounts from the late 1800’s of giant-sized skeletons excavated from sites, especially in the Ohio River valley areas in the U.S. Many of those were supposedly dug up by employees or people connected in some way with the Smithsonian and/or Carnegie Museums. Several very large ones were reported to have been sold to the Smithsonian as well. Their existence is now universally denied, and thanks to NAGPRA, skeletal remains were released to tribes currently {or historically} residing in the areas they were discovered {regardless of whether any kinship could be proven} to be re-interred, That legislation has conveniently erased the possibility of any real investigation regarding the authenticity or genetic provenance of those remains and the peoples who inhabited those areas.

  • Reply to: The Cwezi: Ancient Race of Mystical People and the Modern-Day Cwezi Cult Accused of Black Magic   2 days 9 hours ago
    Comment Author: Limyè Pa Blan

    I see that I'm so far the only One responding to this whatever you call it, some hyped up europeanised propaganda, with added illustrations that are just randomly picked from any site and have no reference whatsoever. Illustration 10, the Sukuma people, is a bad photoshopped picture, of actually Two Surinam guys, photoshopped in to Sukuma people, and that's the actual good part. Apart from your inaccurate title '' blablabla .. accused of Witchcraft and Black Magic, is Hilarious, I don't know how you get to write on this idiotic site, but incase you've mist the last 1000 years of Europeans lying there way, bit by bit into Africa, following the Arabs with their Islam, Two of the Many religions that find their origin in Africa, only to be taken over by the Europeans and the Arabs, both only interested in the Colonisation of Africa, changed the religion's to sooth their needs, and then sold it back to the African's as if they were the true messengers of the faith(s). Now, since then everything practiced as an original African Religion folklore or Cultural activity, is ridiculed and straight forward lied on by people like you. If you don't prey to either Allah, or Jesus and his bunch, you are practicing witchcraft, you retard. And whilst reading thru this pieced together nonsense glued with parts of truth, I was waiting when the so galled ''Godlike '' people would have white features, LMAO, you all are really hurting, that Blacks started your Civilisation that you will come up with the most outrages claims, that there were extraterrestrials that showed the dumb blacks, those extraterrestrials were of course white skinned, and then seeing that most sensible people already know by now that when the Europeans and first the Asians (Finally) conquered Egypt, Egypt was already in it's decline after being world rulers for over 10.000 years with Ethiopia as it's Mother Soi to speak. You even placed Egypt, witch mean infant ''Black'' and not the soil, lol, in the mystical place called ''The Middle East'' I will tell you even more, your Greece and Rome were both African Provinces, and thus creations. You can bring your extraterrestrials in it all you want, but were's the proof? The only proof you be able to come up with, are going to be more fake artefacts, because your house of cards is falling apart, and you know it. There was a video here on this idiotic site about the Exodus out of Egypt, lol, there not ONE!! piece of evidence from an exodus, and when you have to believe the Jews, the Time of the ''Folkloric event'' must have been the era of Ramses II. well, Ramses II controlled at that time both sides of the Nile, so even if they managed to reach the other side, the Pharaoh's army would have been there just the same.That time was One of the most documented time in Egypt, and not ONE piece of evidence found of written scrolls or stone carvings of a Million people?? People wrote on everything and it's purpose , events like ''my family enjoyed the festivities of ....'' They wrote on a fork, on what they used it for, Ramses II wrote on a scroll, that he had a pimple on a certain day waking up, and NOBODYmentiond , a Moses, a Minister Josef , and the last Pyramid was build 150 years before Abraham enters Egypt, starved and without religion, when they left, they had been given land and a religion.And be given later on prominent positions in Government, only to betray them later (The Africans, Egyptians if you will) collaborating with the asians to take over Egypt. When that eventually failed, with a comeback from the Nubians, Ethiopians, They were so gullible, that the Pharaoh stated '' those who want to stay here (Jews) can stay here under African rules, those who don't agree with African lawshave to go'' No slavery, lol No Nothing, Same as you're story complete nonsense, with your National History like title to create some excitement... Witchcraft lol, for Europeans, if you had red hair, you were accused of witchcraft and possibly burned alive....This site is as ridiculous as that fake Nancock, and that Belgian retard Beauval or something like that. He said that your extraterrestrials even reached India, and China, LMAO, whilst there are in South China today! still a few Million Africans, straight descendants from your ''extraterrestrials'' sane in India with the dravidians to the Tamil , and they brought the worship of the Cow, so did the Jews, but they made it gold, as seen in Egypt ... Stop those lies, and false stories as you see, ''no comments'' I'm the only One to fall in the trap, but I see it as an exercise, to see if I remember dates and events that I am learning right now, so do not get your hopes up as if I fell for it, ...I dove in to it!! And Sarah is an African name, the Young part is probably in reference to your lies, you just starting off

  • Reply to: The Coddu Vecchiu Tombs of Giants: Nuragic Burials and Sardinian Secrets   2 days 11 hours ago
    Comment Author: George Metaxas

    The doors don’t look like made for giants.

  • Reply to: The Anglo-Saxon Conquerors: Creators of Medieval England   2 days 14 hours ago
    Comment Author: wales

    You mention the Sciots and the Irish as being Gelts   in the article mentioed. But you do not mention The Welsh as  also being Celts which they surely are. Why is that as i would like to know as i am also Welsh born in Wales in 1943 and i am proud to be Welsh

  • Reply to: Ashoka the Great: From Cruel King to Benevolent Buddhist   2 days 16 hours ago
    Comment Author: stochastic.kurtosis

    As is the case with most things written in Indian History books by left historians, either they are written from the perspective of the invaders or what the British wrote in those times. Hence it becomes our respnsibility to analyse things more deeply & ask relevant questions to deconstuct & then reconstruct again the historical events & personalities to get to the correct picture as much as possible. Ashoka was one such personality from our history, the question is was he really “Ashoka the Great”.

    The link below analyses & gives details on this aspect:

    Brief points from the video presentation below:

    Now most historians agree on the fact that before the Kalinga war Ashoka was a rutheless & unpopular king. He climbed to the throne by killing all of his half-brothers including Sushima who was bequeathed to be the emperor by Bindusara (the previous emperor). He patronised Buddhism mainly because at that time the loyal followers of the previous emperor were Ajivikas & Jains & eventually carried a massacre of those previous loyalists. Also pre-Ashoka the Mauryan empire extended its influence from Taxila to Bengal in the West & to Karnataka in the South. So Ashoka really didn’t increased much influence under his rule.

    Where great divergences appear are the events post Kalinga where it is said that he became so upset with the gore & destruction that he felt deep remorse, took to the path of non-violence & became a Buddhist. To start with the last point is completely invalid as he became & patronised Buddhism much before this as I have written before mainly to loosen the hold of the previous court loyalists who had a different strand of philosphical bent (ofcourse personal preferences could have also played some part). Also with an empire of such vast influence why was Kalinga & region just besides Patliputra independent or more appropriately revolting? Two appropriate reasons one can conclude, either the people & the governor/ruler of Kalinga were disgusted by the actions & governance of Ashoka & revolted or seeing the weaking foundations of Mauryan empire led to the ruler/governor of Kalinga to try out decalring himself independent. Either of which don’t reflect nicely on Ashoka.

    The analysis used to reach this massive conclusion of Ashoka’s change in heart are mainly the edicts he himself constructed at various parts of the country. In one of his own edict he is seen warning the Forest tribal people of dire consequences (even though he is remoresful) if they don’t toe the line (details in the video above), clearly not tht words of truly remorseful king.

    Also its obvious that if I am remorseful I would express it to the person whom I have wronged. There are two places in Kalinga or now Odisha where the edicts have been found (Dhauli & Jaugada) he has given lot of sermons for sure but nowehere has he expressed remorse there, where he has expressed remorse are far of lands elsewhere in the country (including the threating remorse he expressed to the tribals) making me believe that the following events are more likely:

    Ashoka who was already a despised king because of his brutality, the war of Kalinga where a 100,000 people were killed & many others injured, a 150,000 captured led to a wave of repulsion against Ashoka. This led him to change tract & went into an ancient style PR overdirve where this was his way of telling the people in various parts of the country how much of a changed person he has become & has taken to the path of non-violence.

    We also read the empire started collapsing after the passing away of Ashoka, unless there is some natural disaster or some fierce unknown external invasion empires don’t collapse abruptly. Instead the foundations start weakening before that. For e.g. geographically Aurangzeb controlled the largest extent of Mughal Empire but because of his high handedness & bigotry created resistances throughout the country. The Marathas, The Sikhs & The Ahoms which weakened the foundation of Mughal empire & as these things take time to channel through the system & the results appear after his death. Similarly the high handedness & bigotry of Ashoka weakened the foundations of the Mauryan Empire.

    Even More concerning are some texts (Ashokvandana) which indicates a genocide against monks following Ajivika school of thought dealing a crippling blow to this religion so much so that this school of thought don’t exist in the country anymore. Though I must confess some more research is required on this to establish the validity of these claims further.

    So based upon the circumstantial evidence in front of me I don’t think so. What I definitely for sure know is that the tag of “Great” that is bestowed upon him is for sure invalid. The circumstantial evidence points to a king who was power hungry, ruthless, bigot who went on a PR drive once his actions faced repulsion for his own people. While he is certainly not “Great” but if there is a line dividing people between “good” & “evil” to push Ashoka completely to the other side of the line some of these things need to investigated in detail to give better judgement.

  • Reply to: Lost in Time Faces Revealed on the Elgin Marbles   2 days 16 hours ago
    Comment Author: George Metaxas

    These are Parthenon Marbles on dispay at the British Museum.