Acharya Kanad

The Indian Sage who developed Atomic Theory 2,600 years ago


John Dalton (1766 – 1844), an English chemist and physicist, is the man credited today with the development of atomic theory.  However, a theory of atoms was actually formulated2,500 years before Dalton by an Indian sage and philosopher, known as Acharya Kanad.

Acharya Kanad was born in 600 BC in Prabhas Kshetra (near Dwaraka) in Gujarat, India. His real name was Kashyap.

Kashyap was on a pilgrimage to Prayag when he saw thousands of pilgrims litter the streets with flowers and rice grains, which they offered at the temple. Kashyap, fascinated by small particles, began collecting the grains of rice. A crowd gathered around to see the strange man collecting grains from the street. Kashyap was asked why he was collecting the grains that even a beggar wouldn’t touch. He told them that individual grains in themselves may seem worthless, but a collection of some hundred grains make up a person's meal, the collection many meals would feed an entire family and ultimately the entire mankind was made of many families, thus even a single grain of rice was as important as all the valuable riches in this world. Since then, people began calling him ‘Kanad’, as ‘Kan’ in Sanskrit means ‘the smallest particle’. 

Kanad pursued his fascination with the unseen world and with conceptualising the idea of the smallest particle. He began writing down his ideas and teaching them to others.  Thus, people began calling him ‘Acharya’ (‘the teacher’), hence the name Acharya Kanad (‘the teacher of small particles’)

Kanad’s conception of Anu (the atom)

Kanad was walking with food in his hand, breaking it into small pieces when he realised that he was unable to divide the food into any further parts, it was too small. From this moment, Kanad conceptualised the idea of a particle that could not be divided any further. He called that indivisible matter Parmanu, or anu (atom).

Acharya Kanad proposed that this indivisible matter could not be sensed through any human organ or seen by the naked eye, and that an inherent urge made one Parmanu combine with another.  When two Parmanu belonging to one class of substance combined, a dwinuka (binary molecule) was the result. This dwinuka had properties similar to the two parent Parmanu.

Kanad suggested that it was the different combinations of Parmanu which produced different types of substances. He also put forward the idea that atoms could be combined in various ways to produce chemical changes in presence of other factors such as heat. He gave blackening of earthen pot and ripening of fruit as examples of this phenomenon.

Acharya Kanad founded the Vaisheshika school of philosophy where he taught his ideas about the atom and the nature of the universe. He wrote a book on his research “Vaisheshik Darshan” and became known as “The Father of Atomic theory.”

In the West, atomism emerged in the 5th century BC with the ancient Greeks Leucippus and Democritus. Whether Indian culture influenced Greek or vice versa or whether both evolved independently is a matter of dispute.

Kanad is reporting to have said: ”Every object of creation is made of atoms which in turn connect with each other to form molecules.”  His theory of the atom was abstract and enmeshed in philosophy as they were based on logic and not on personal experience or experimentation. But in the words of A.L. Basham, the veteran Australian Indologist, "they were brilliant imaginative explanations of the physical structure of the world, and in a large measure, agreed with the discoveries of modern physics."

By April Holloway


I was at the final stage of completion of my book “Sir James Jeans’s Strange Universe and Ideology of Quran” that Professor Syed Zia Ullah Zia’s essay in the column ‘iqra’ of Daily Nawai-e-Waqt, 17 June, 1981 happened to be viewed; its title was “The factors strengthening ideology of Pakistan”. Keeping in view the subject matter of this valuable essay, when I intended to explore the title, it transpired - rather you can say it the disastrous and destructive wonders of modern materialistic atomism in guise of ancient non-religious atomism”. And for me the most tempting thing was the link which the author of the essay had woven between old and modern atomism and Science of today, because this book of mine was also subjected to this essay. The reason why I took interest in this essay was that the essay of Sir James Jeans containing twelve pages (that was also subject of my essay) resembles with Professor Zia’s essay a great deal. Theme of both the essays is same because both of them bear aspect of research; both deal with the matter of old and modern atomism and science; both resemble in style of thinking; both seem to have circumscribed the subject extraordinarily; both are the phenomena of unusual endeavour and both are focused on the matter parallel to each other. But the first and the foremost, the attractive and the interesting thing for me is that - this essay proved a disclosing agent for me. In my own view, the essay looked awfully tempting because it solemnly confirmed and ratified my own view point.
Secondly, after having read and perused this essay, the people of this world would not consider me a creature from some planet of Mars, Mercury or Saturn nor they take my language for a language of lunar creature, instead, they will get to know that I am not the only one, who is having such way of thinking but some other people, who have been blessed with coveted thinking powers also think on the same pattern that I do.
I also perceive that this essay with respect to its importance, suitability and meaning will not only develop an interest but also be a cause of elevated thoughts. It seems that: the author of the essay has chained the modern age with that institution of Greek Philosophy against which the modern age has turned, and has risen against another institution which is called institution of Atomic ideology, and whose founder was Democrats. Most of the important facts is that Plato, Aristotle and Socrates were strictly against the old Greek atomic ideology, and it was the result of their opposition that this atomic ideology could not sustain itself in olden time, too. And now if we have some ideological differences at all, as compared to that of them, in spite of all this, these men are still due respectable to their prodigious ideas. But the modern Europe has suppressed their views and admitted Democrats as their hero. This is the striking point, and when Muslims become aware of it they by grace of Allah get to recognize their real destination and realize their particular responsibility and role; and the humanity will prosper and progress to its climax. The essay is following :-

“In connection with my essay in IQRA April 22nd, different unacquainted friends’ letters are being received, in which both the aspects of admiration and censuring are there. Though they are of very common nature, but, in particular, the characteristic points of the letter of the professor, Abdul Rehman, Department of Chemistry, are here given for the interest of the readers. He says. “Through your essay “IQRA” I have found you a man of righteousness. I appreciate you for your courage and struggle. The Iqra of 22 April is still before me. What you have remarked about television, now, that has become a part and parcel for the people of ultra modern civilization and culture, therefore, even if they observe these things through microscope, they will find no evil in them. If the manners of observation get changed, the eyes lose sight at all. The standard of beauty and ugliness of things depends on the purity and perversity of thought. What does this mixed Islam of TV have in store? Who on earth can ignore its results? If still some one cuts of the corner, let him do, but its harms can not be unnoticed by those who recognize reality in twinkling of an eye. When Vietnamese was fighting America the war of its survival, music was prohibited just for the reason that it weakens the strong, and when a combating nation sleeps then nothing remains at all. We, every moment whether its peace or war, internally or externally are combat with evil forces. VCR has awfully turned the society upside down. In the beginning, one used to feel ashamed, but now TV Culture has made mind so broad; and eyes so rude that, now, naked bodies are watched mere brassily and shamelessly. Mothers, sisters and even daughters also watch with out any shame. It seems as if man’s inner-self is bent on effacing every value of modesty.
Professor Abdul Rehman’s letter is very lengthy. Having analyzed all the fields of life he has also discussed factors of overall difference , lamenting over it.
The sources of this devastation are very old and complicated. Plato in “Republic” in accordance with the view of his teacher Socrates throws light upon the determined nation as: Corporal beauty is the greatest reality here. Beauty of body reaches its climax in showing vulgarity, therefore, number of institutions of body training must be manifold where men and women can show wonders of their bodies with out any hurdles of degraded principles of morality. For the creation of healthy nation the mixing of men and women is very essential. Bodily damaged children must be cared after secretly by the Government itself. The terms like marriage and parents are defective and of the time gone by. This is why, in old Greece statue making, gymnasium and other such games were very common. The same heritage of Greece transferred to Rome. As they were military minded, this thing assumed the shape of skepticism. Europe has not reached the length of non-religion and immorality after the demise of Roman civilization up to the renaissance of thousand years comparatively as it has reached after disconnecting with the religion and morality presented by Machiavelli, Darwin, Segment, Fried, Hegel and Carl Marks – defaulters of the modern age, and giving new shape to the materialistic and aesthetic foundations of ancient Greece. This modern ignorance and materialism impressed our Occidentalists to such an extent that they coloured our legends in its colours. Syed Jamal Ud Din Afghani devoted all his life for the unity of all the Muslims of the world. Caught in the paws of imperialism, the world of Islam woke up from its deep ignorance. An organization named “Ummul Qura” was set up in Makkah whose mission was to enliven the dead body of Caliphate. In 1911, at Salvanica Islamic Union Conference was held but the western imperialists by poisoning the Islamic countries with strange patriotism dispersed them. To find out about them Gibb’s book, “wither Islam’ is enough to disclose many conspiracies”. Allama Iqbal was aware of that poison of nationality. This is why, he wrote much against the European concept of nationality, and in this connection he did not hesitate to criticize even the greatest scholars like Molana Hussain Ahmad Madni and Abul Kalam Azad. Views and thoughts of Abu Al Kalam Azad became purely like that of Western’s after spending the period of captivity. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a great reformer, but his case regarding western philosophy was also excuse worthy. Justice Syed Ameer Ali’s “Spirit of Islam” is though a great creation, and his aim was also to make the western aware of Islam, but due to Western-ism he too could not do right. Zia Goklip was the real cause for Mustafa Kamal Attaturk‘s having disliking for religion. In Egypt too, modernism and Occidentalism assumed shape of epidemic. Mere remains of Islamic history by Syed Jamal Ud Din Afghani fought this flooding river. Mohammad Abdahu and his friends had to face many difficulties. To resist this modern ignorance, many movements rose up in different Islamic countries. But as bad luck would have it, most of the Islamic States after getting freedom from western imperialism remained in the hands of western statesmen, where the same western culture and values are developing. Ancient Greek cultural formalities, fine arts and other phenomena of culture and civilization have been polluting Islamic society in different false colours. As I have mentioned in the beginning that renaissance of Europe rebelled against religious values to such extent that from Machiavelli to Bertrand Russell, almost all philosophers and scientists have made fun of the existence of God and the faith of life-after-death. For its details Iqra is not enough. Belief and denial of God’s existence and Day of Judgment gave birth to two different schools of thoughts. One was materialism, aim of which remained limited to worldly temptations. This school of thought made man a beloved of capitalism, socialism and fascism, and a bear who hunts fish in earthy stream only. Such animal-like behaviour is being approved all over the world through those who believe there is no God at all. But it is the innocent Afghanistan that fell a prey to their cruelties. Twenty-two lac innocent Afghanis have been disturbed badly, and forced to take shelter in a poor country like Pakistan. 14 or 15 lac Afghanis have been killed in the bombardment of cannons and bombs. And many lacs of people have been forced to take shelter in Iran, Western Europe, India and America. According to Professor Abdul Rehman, it seems that man’s inner cruelty has come out and is showing the naked dance of aggression and barbarism. This is the target of that school of thought that from Machiavelli to Hegel and Carl Marx the western thinkers and philosophers have mentioned in their writings. Scientific inventions empowering these Godless and in-human philosophies became fatal for human being.
The 2nd school of thought is from the admittance of God’s presence and Day of Judgment. It gives the concept of answering to each and every deed. Welfare and loss depends upon the fact whether man spent life according to the teachings of Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) or against them. The standard of Holy life of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) is truth. Path of virtue is just obeying the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him), and other things, whatever else they are, are all disgrace. Islam is a complete and everlasting code of life, other fields of which are deeply inter-connected. Imperial subjugation (slavery) has affected our heart and mind to such an extent that we, the Muslim Ummah, could not decide yet that we have an outstanding and complete code of life. We need not any grafting of any other system at all. This un-centered thought has dispersed our power. In the essay of Iqra he also said, “If we come to recognize Islam, all our problems and troubles will be effaced (ended)”.
We have taken Islam merely as formality, but we are unable to manipulate its life-giving principles individually and collectively. As a matter of fact, it has deeply grasped our mind that as compared to modern code of life, Islamic System is useless. The greatest factor causing our decline is the misunderstanding of ideology of life. Sometime we get help from the west and sometime consider the inhuman and unnatural system of Soviet Imperialism our pain-relieving. The Western Education System had managed to transfer its ideology and concepts as a heritage. So far, we could not get rid of them, we could not define ideology of life for us positively. In appearance we are like Christians; and culturally we are Jewish. Besides the Socialist, fire worshipping, Christianity and Judaism, the modern non-religious philosophies have made our minds and hearts a HOTCH POTCH. In a nation’s life, three decades is quite a longtime, but we are still astray and have not taken first step towards our destination. No country can live without ideology, and Pakistan’s ideology is just only Islam. Islam is responsible for the survival of Pakistan. Just as Israel is due to Judaism and Russia is due to Socialism. Islam advises us to become a leaden-wall against the evil forces, but because of having given up the goals of life we are disgraced. Through practical implementation do the results reach common people. The present Government, it is no doubt, through positive measurements and whole heartedly wants manipulation of Islamic ideology. We are tired of learning about details of measurements, but the nation at present is waiting for the positive results impatiently. Those who make fun of admitted beliefs of democratic nation, they are not deserved to have manipulated this system at all; nor the people who are responsible for the propagation of vulgarity and indecency in the name of entertainment against the teaching of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) can get its logical end.
Islam does not bear at all such mixed meetings (males and females) singing and playing, dancing as curricular and extra-curricular activities. Whether a beautiful name you give to a sin, it will not change the reality of that sin. It would be giving a term of Islamic Socialism though against it, like Islamic beer, Islamic dancers or brothels etc. Unless we manipulate unadulterated Islam, no positive change in result can be seen. At present, Kufar (Anti Islamic) is active to sabotage Islamic System and its manipulation. It is all because of this satanic party that at every step is creating hurdles in the way of manipulating Islamic system rightly. In one of the editorials in Nawai-waqt to make the youth aware of ideology of Pakistan, the necessity of bringing positive changes in education system was stressed. To omit the literature which is against ideology of Pakistan is an other fact that needs to be harmonized with the demands of ideology of Pakistan so that our young generation may develop an unshaken belief in Islam, and they get education that may help them create harmony with the new demands of time in the light of Islam. Communication sources have become a part of student’s curriculum. Therefore, to keep them away from indecency, crimes, anarchy, and vulgarity is badly needed. Dr. Israr Ahamad started a programme ‘Alhuda’ about Islamic teachings. This is very admirable effort of television corporation, and personally I have also written many letters to television centre Lahore. If this programme is relayed daily before news as Iqra, it can produce better results. Nishan-e-Raah (name of a progroamme) is also needed to be put to correction. Leaving the philosophical and psychological zigzagged paths (Mazes), Islam should be presented in a language that a common man can also understand. Islam wants authenticity of every act whether it is of Quran or Hadith. Only those things which add suspicion are useless. See how much degree of violence is there. Two weeks ago, after the faith strengthening programme “Alhuda” a film “Katari” was released in which the heroin “Katari” was shown mere a vulgar and mostly naked. If in a pond taps of clean water are opened for 15 or 20 minutes; and score of taps of filthy water are turned on for unlimited time how can water of that pond be clean and pure? Communication sources are not just source of entertainment, but they have become an essential part of teaching and curriculum. Therefore, a universal correction is needed. The films which propagate indecency, and literature that spoils morality are needed to be banned. Future of the nation depends upon the young generation. The young generation must be brought up and well educated in every aspect. Survival of educated Pakistanis associates with Islam. And it is the young generation that can protect and preserve Islam well. The young generation has given many sacrifices for the establishment of Pakistan.
I wind up with some verses from Zaboor-e-Ajam by Iqbal part 2, poem no 19 page no 117 .

“I tell you such a thing that will disclose all the secrets of the world upon you that is: you should consider the state as your body; and your religion the soul. Definitely body and soul depend on the mutual coordination. Similarly, do not consider government and religion separate things, because the protection of religion depends on Government and right government, its goodness, establishment and survival are connected with religion. Arise with patched garment, religious endowment and with sword and spear, from dead sleep, dead sleep, dead sleep”.

God bless the author of the essay who very finely and heartedly has completed his essay. But the sequence of stages of investigation is as : when the examiner examined the patient and supposed that the patient is suffering from fever; and also got to know what type of illness he had token was given to the patient. Now his case is forwarded where his blood will be tested through different devices. There will be X-ray test then he will be shifted to next stage where specialist doctor will prescribe medicine, or may be, he advise for operation. Now the patient will be sent in the ward where he will be operated upon or treated with medicine as per need. Recovery is in God’s hand, May God recover him fully. Ameen.
The thing which the researcher has explored in his essay must continue for its right direction. This was the start of the essay. Now, the problems and effects of this philosophy, and stimuli of these must be analyzed. And when once it is made sure then the final stage of treatment will come.
It is the result of this philosophy that the whole world is suffering from an extreme wave of lust and ambition. Universal clouds of this atomic destruction are flying every where. Every moment, it is feared that at any moment the town of human being may become a model of atomic hell. The devises and plans of controlling atomic wars among atomic powers are just temporary and fraudulent. Besides the materialistic and visible hell, there is another hell activated in human’s heart. Intensity of fire of which is increasing every moment. There are the facts which no one can deny of rather it is the talk of every one. But things produce tension when their analysis is made, or where when it needs some procedure to control or change the situation. At present there are two groups of human beings. One that is in majority and ignorant at all, and second one who has a bit sense is in minority. However, any person about whom one can say that he is fully aware of the nature of the matter is missing. The greatest philosophers of this century, Bertrand Russel, inspite of his vast the knowledge, too, seems touching the boundary wall of this confusing matter. Any how, it is the Quran that has explored such knotty and complicated problem that human mind can not even imagine. Truly speaking, examples of the Fraud which this modern atomic materialism has disguised its philosophy can not be found in human history. The beautiful and effective manners in which magic of greed has been presented in this philosophy, phenomena of it makes even the devil (Satan) feel deficiency in his performance.
It is clear that many problems and dangers of present age are the production of this new philosophy. The philosophy which has the slogan “Control of man on nature in the light of scientific research for human materialistic welfare”. So it comes to be known that for the examining and remedy of illness research and deep study of this philosophy must be necessary. It is our tragedy that humanity has been caught in the net of materialism of this philosophy to such an extent that it has become blind like a conventional lover who always finds goodness in his beloved and does not see any fault. If we look into, we come to know that all kinds of analysis made upon this modern Bacon’s philosophy is still incomplete. The analyst is caught by weakness and helplessness, but any thing which points out its reality and dangers comes to appear that human’s helplessness and constraints create hurdles. The economical and industrial framework has gripped this world like a fish caught in a net. Man finds himself helpless. The tall buildings, factories and sources of transport are such chains which have held tight on man in every aspect, and are dragging him toward atomic hell as well. if any one tries to get rid of this net, it is impossible for him. The main characters are greed and love for this world. And the major problem is the uneasy doubt of conscience.
Passion for religion inspires consciousness, but if there is domination of Greed along with constraints then one interpreting the religious books according to one’s own views and thoughts satisfies one’ consciousness.

{ They cannot change themselves but Quran they change}
Till now effects, facts and problems produced by the modern philosophy have assumed such a definite and destructive factor that if unluckily man has not become blind, this problem is not difficult to get attention of the humanity. Three major aspects of this philosophy are following :-
1, Materialistic welfare of human being through science.
2. Man’s by right of control on nature for materialistic benefit.
3. Effects and consequences.
So on the basis of these aspects the research of this modern philosophy must proceed. For this purpose, the following questions and basic points are presented :-
1.Materialistic welfare of human being through science.
What is the nature of this advancement? If this advancement is limitless what will be the inferences of it?
Will it be in favour of religion or a resistance ?Will it not overwhelm human mindset if it continuous; and will it not budge out the concept of religion and day of judgement; and if it is supposed then which religion give permission of it ; and if any religion does so, will it not sign the warrant of its own demise.? And if the religion is disbelieved or ignored, then will it be possible for human being to sustain in such an atmosphere of modern destructive weapons and complete disorder? What does Quran says about this modern philosophy and advancement? Is it in favour of this philosophy or against it? Is it conditional or the target of the Quranic teachings is just the same scientific advancement? If it is in favour then does it provide any surety for the protection of human being from atomic destruction.?
Is it possible to promulgate Islamic System completely in the presence of such modernity? And if it happens will it be able to save us from atomic destruction?
What does Quran mean by pondering over? Is it the same as meant by this modern philosophy? viz. materialistic exploitation of Quranic verses or something else? Does Quran not present any explanation of it?
1. Mans’ by right of control over nature for material benefits.
a) Claim for by right of control over nature is God’s claim, does man deserve for it?
b) What is view point of Quran in this connection?
In the verse about conquest of universe God Almighty says: “I have made all conquerable for you, and I expect gratfulness for this favour”.
Is the claim of this modern philosophy not in human? Is it not a competition with God? Is it not a bargaining of human vanity and pride? Does it not invite God’s wrath?
2. Effects and consequences of modern philosophy and advancement.
Is atomic bomb a logical end of this modern advancement? Can atomic war be ceased for ever? Is it possible to have protection against atom bomb or radioactivity? Is atom bomb a weapon or God’s vengeance? Does the dictation of Quran also include atom bomb? Should the nations make atom bomb or rise against it? Is the philosophy, “for man’s control over nature through science” not opposed to the philosophy of God’s religion?
Many other questions in this connection can be brought to special discussion. Sir James Jeans has written in one of his essays, “question for the destruction of earthy life proposes astrology, but the curiosity for solution leads right to the physical science”. I think the essay of atomic destruction is the production of atomic science, but the wish how to escape it leads us directly to the Holy Quran. The Bacon’s philosophy of modern atomism which the whole world follows, its example is as some one has hung a picture upside down. If you hang both the philosophies –Islamic and modern atomism, both will be looking same. I have seen many such faces made by some artists that if we place them before our eyes, first it looks one person’s face; and if we up down and see it, strangely it looks a different face. The same example serves Bacon’s philosophy, and this philosophy is totally opposite to the philosophy of Heavenly religion. Galileo asserted earth movement around the sun, instead of sun around the earth. But the most wonderful thing did Francis Bacon the founder of modern philosophy. He replaced natural philosophy with moral philosophy in religion and vice versa. This was the foundation on the base of which other followers proceeded their works. And we see how Galileo turned the solar system up side down. Then came Spinoza, who did the same with the philosophy of one unit existence presented by Mansur Hillaj. Mansur Hallaj uplifted man from material universe to God .Spinoza demoted God from His rank and considered him materialistic universe. Darwin repeated the same experiment on human being and called it a generation produced from apes. In short, what is this Bacon’s philosophy? It is a show presented by Jugular. Even a genius man can be taken in by the jugular. In the same way a genius and pedantic is easily deceived by the Dajjal like skill and fraud. Truly speaking, these fraudulents make one tongue-tied and satisfy with such tact that even the Devil (Satan) cannot help appreciating rather being astonished. God Almighty has presented an example in the Holy Quran.

{Can it be possible that one who walks with back to the destination finds it, or one who walks with face towards the destination? (Al-Mulk 22)
After reading this Quranic verse with context, it is clear that this can suitably define the Galileo’s philosophy. The word “Kabbab”is derived from “Mukabbab”, which means to give round shape to something. “Kabbab” means to be turned up side down and “Kubbah” means a ball of threads. This condition is not confined to Galileo only but the whole philosophy of the Bacon is “Mukabbab” means up side down. This matter also invites the Muslim Ummah to ponder over it. What a wonderful book this Quran is ! Arabic text is necessary, otherwise just through translation such points remain hidden.
One very important question arises there, that is, how Muslims of the World should behave in such condition of so-called international race of manufacturing atom bomb which is bound to reach atomic hell. There open two ways, one is, the Islamic world must also take part in this race and emerge as well developed atomic powers and call a spade a spade. No doubt, this time every individual of Islamic world is thinking so. This is a natural response, it is another thing whether it is right or wrong. The other way is – neither the Muslim world manufacture atom bomb nor it should allow others to do so. No doubt, this is very much elevated thought, and also demands strong beliefs, courage and extreme patience and steadfastness. It is also right that the first way will give no benefit to the Muslims World except that it may become part of the atomic hell and burn to ashes. If this matter ended here, there would not be so wrong because the world is to be destroyed in the end. But according to the Holy Quran there is another unlimited and everlasting atomic hell named Hotama for those who deserve this worldly atomic hell. In other case, Islamic World can also save itself and other God’s creature from it. This is not an odd thing to think so; there is also an Anti-Atomic Bombs Movement among these atomic powers that is spreading like fire. A Momin (God’s favourite) has Godly sight, but what is God seeing in this connection? Momin’s comprehension power is exemplary, but what can this exemplary comprehension power do to save humanity from atomic hell?
Another question is as big as mountain of Himalaya, that is, Quran’s view about this modern philosophy of Bacon and its other phenomena that are the scientific inventions and economical and industrial framework.
In the present age, many published interpretation show that Quran is such a book which is based on materialism. Most of these interpretations have gone to such extent that Quran’s target is only one thing- that is scientific progress. It infers that the scholars of Muslim Ummah remained unaware of Quranic teachings and that it is European who could understand Quran deeply. Now, it is the need of hour that Muslims should become active for the compensation of this great loss and reach the standard of developed nations. Every individual of Muslim Ummah is thinking so except one. If it is the case, then it is clear that the aim of Quranic teaching is developing atomic hell, because this is an admitted fact that this atomic hell is the logical and practical results of Bacon’s atomism, and it is the greatest blame on the Holy Quran. Quran teaches the lesson of peace and calm. Moreover, the logical end of Quranic teaching is brining peace in the world and to get paradise in the life here-after. Atomic hell is the logical end of Bacon’s philosophy, and it is opposite to the Quranic philosophy. It is such an important and painful matter that if it spreads once it will continue. There is no doubt that Muslims established grand estates and presented countless and remarkable models of culture. They built marvelous buildings, and wealth they had been treading over. But their progress though its nature is worldly has no link with Bacon’s philosophy.
Muslim of today wants to return to that majestic Islam which was fifteen centuries ago. Difficulty is that no one knows deeply the nature of this Bacon’s philosophy. People consider it just a philosophy of making progress through hard work. Unless the people get awareness about the nature of philosophy of Bacon, they will continue following the same track like blind and deaf one. As a result, they will fall into the burning flames of the atomic hell. Their example is like Columbus, who in fact, left for finding way from West to India but accidentally reached America. In the same way, these people will travel to find out greatness of Islam but they will reach atomic hell.
Neither Quran is the book which teaches materialism nor its verses about conquest of the universe aim at it, which this Bacon’s philosophy has tried to show in the light of unlimited and every day progress. The Quran is there; read and get to know the explanation of this philosophy. On the other hand, Francis Bacon’s books are there, have a perusal of them, compare them with Quran and find out way for your survival, otherwise you will also be pushed into the atomic hell along with the slaves tied with the tails of Europe. It seems that thought of people is like that of a man, who thinks there are still many thousand years left for research and deep study of progress. No it is not the case ; that period has passed ; taboo and penance is going to be useless; at any movement this life may run out. Some one has rightly said:-
“It is no use crying over spilt milk”
About this modern philosophy of Bacon, its progress and its civilization, Quran presents a clear cut view. The need of the hour is that interpretation of Quranic view must be observed through FAQAR – a school of thought who regards God the most powerful. Now the idea that Islam is against advancement is unbearable.
Does Islam not like progress ? Now neither Quran needs such definition nor it can benefit Muslim Ummah. Now take the constraints and needs. One should know, in this regard, that these are the products of up-side-down philosophy of Bacon. If a man jumps into the fire and begins to entreat the fire to save him from its heat and burning, it can never happen that fire may stop burning him. Take the example of Hazrat Ibraheem (AS). He did not entreat the fire nor asked any help from it. Even if a thief considers his act of theft a constraint, may be the Magistrate for give him, but Law will not accept it. And if the result of this constraint is regarded burning fire of atomic hell, what justification can be given for this constraint?
I have mentioned that Quranic view must be interpreted through the spectacles of faqar. The situation is so unfriendly that there is no other way except it. One of the Hadith reads, “Hazrat Essa (Prophet Christ) will reappear in Muslim Ummah, and he is sign of faqar. Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH says. means faqar is my pride. No other interpretation shorter than it can show right way to save from devastation of atomic hell.
How beautifully Allama Muhmmad Iqbal has said :-

(Zarbe Kaleem page 46)
Analyzing the Present Scenario he says :-

(Zarbe Kaleem page 44)
Sir James Jeans in one of his essays says:-
{If the creation of this universe is based on some other principles, then atoms of other kind must be associated with other characteristics. And this is difficult to estimate that there is possibility of radioactivity, magnet or life in that system of creation}.
In the same way, if any interpreter who sees religious and Quranic reality, does interpret Quranic view that is about modern Bacon’s philosophy, and judge it under the eye of Faqar, then it can be said with surety that such interpretation will not touch even the external orbit of Bacon’s philosophy; nor there will be any mention of wonderful phenomena and big banks. The incomplete words of today may become facts in future. Few seconds before the explosion of atomic bomb the world in Hiroshima was considered a paradise of science, but after few seconds it changed into atomic hell.

The ancient and modern ideology of atomism is just a propaganda against the religious beliefs, and this culture of atomism is the culture of criticism and fault finding in a particular atomic style. Besides this, the behaviour of the modern critics of Bible also presents a probable and solid example of it. These modern critics of Bible have ginned Bible like old cotton. And doing so, they did not feel any hesitation. They considered Bible a useless book and put it aside. They regarded this book just a stuff of so called spiritual and miraculous things, and a book of which text was uncertain. The religion also remained unsafe from the excess of vulture’s eye and beak. They regarded it a thing from time gone by, hurdle in their way to progress and put it aside like a private matter. The people who have experienced the stages of the completion of Bacon’s philosophy to much great extent that they called religion a tool-for-cruelty in the hands of Priests, bone of contention and opium for human power. All this happened as a result of the philosophy named Rationalism.
It is a quite amazing how Quran remained safe from the attack of this Rationalisms. All those people who have said against Quran, they have done so sentimentally. They were not equipped with weapons of modern atomism. However, the followers of Quran could not be saved from effects of rationalism, and this modern philosophy created many doubts of dangerous nature about the ideology of Atomism mentioned in the Holy Quran. These doubts may be destructive for them.
For what reason, I am interested in the Bacon’s philosophy is that Quran has used a term about modern philosophy of Bacon. This is the term which very finely elaborates the reality of this philosophy of Bacon, that no other book can do. This term is Homaza and Lomaza. This term is the name of a character like the names which are given to the characters in the book “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan, for example Mr. Hate Good ( who hates well ) or Mr. Worldly wise (wise man of the world). In the same way, in many novels of modern European writers gave such names to their characters. The term Homaza and Lomaza has an aspect of humour and abhorrence. In Persian language there is an idiom like this “Hazumkush”, means “one who collects woods for burning fire”. In Urdu language, too, there is an example in the character of “Bjamalo”, but “Homaza” and “Lomaza” is the most wonderful. In translation of Quran in Urdu, this term is just translated as “critic”. But in English it is called “Backbiter” and “Defamer”. The most wonderful thing about the term is that it explains the habit of finding faults of Bacon’s culture and its typical status very suitably. The earlier interpreters of Quran seem to be struggling and finding meanings of this term. The Quran predicts atomic hell with this term. This term very clearly points out the modern philosophy of Bacon and its other characteristics. It also explains the beliefs of the world just for accumulating wealth. It also gives the scientific explanation of the atomic reaction. It asserts that atomic hell is the production of modern philosophy of atomism. This prediction containing thirty six words, by grace of God, is my own act of disclosing. Its interpretation contains many volumes, and for humanity it is the only source of riddance from destruction of atomic hell.
If the readers have read and comprehended my book I think my struggles have brought forth a great success. And this comprehension will be helpful for the readers to understand the prediction of Holy Quran.



typing last date 15-9-2011

All of you are history lovers. So all of you know that people from the beginning of time fight, kill, conquer, discover, invent... migrate... destroy. Taking all in consideration, i would say, we do not have a clue about our real history. Who was the first to invent, to say, to come... we can only know by few discoveries we found... And what about things that were destroyed through time? What do we know about writings in Alexandrian library? And that's only a small part of our history that's lost. We combine small pieces and talk about it like we have a huge big picture of everything. Maybe some evidence about first were lost, so we celebrate second or fifth person writing about it as he/she was the first one. And logically, truly, it doesn't matter who was the first. What matters is to make peoples life easier and better. And maybe one Indian and one Greek discovered something together in Egypt. We can only know by those who wrote something about it, not what actually happened.

History should not be the place where we live and fight about, it should be school to learn from. Obviously, we have a lot of reinventions (and people celebrating to be the first). And still a lot to discover what ancients knew and we yet do not know. It does not matter who was the first, as we can not know 100%. But matters, shell we bring back to life that lost knowledge for what we still have some evidence or lose it forever in new fight, new war or new egoistic act to put one nation above other.

You can continue to fight until the end of the world which race or nation was superior, smarter... but the truth is, every race and nation that lives today was smart enough to survive. Those who belive in reincarnation should know better that through history they lived many lives and lived in many nations. We all brought something good and something bad to this world. You were not always what you are now. Maybe Indian was English and English was Indian, so talking against each other is like talking against your self. This applies to every nation of this world. And those who believe in Heaven and Hell, should know that hate is a sin and that God made a man and woman in his own image. And God did not mention skin color nor language during creation. And if all human kind came from Adam and Eve, than we all come from one.

You should know from your present life that if you work together as a team on something you can accomplish a lot more than several people working on their own. People can survive easier if they work together. But still, duality of this world does not allow only one, to have everybody working as one. There has to be one against other.

Sorry about my not excellent english. My country has not been occupied by English so i didn't have to learn it as my first or second language. And for the end... EVERY nation is like Greece. If they do not fight against other nations, they fight among themselves. That's why we did not go far with knowledge from our ancients who lived few tousad years ago.

The ongoing nonsense about an "Aryan race" needs to be consigned to the rubbish bin. Those who want to read an in-depth treatment of Arya/Aryan can read Encyclopaedic dictionary of Vedic terms, Volume 1 By Parmeshwaranand (Swami.)

There is no race called Aryan,Arya is a word in Sanskrit to denote Noble.The British cooked up the story of Aryans & Dravidians just to make the indians Fight so that they can easily Rule & convert them.

All this loose "technical" data that appears around in the Indian culture is obviously taken in a light and basic way from the Aryan culture.


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