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Popular Atlantis Theories

The story of Atlantis is one of the most enduring legends in history. But is there truth in Plato’s tale? Did Atlantis exist? If so, where was it and what actually happened to it?

Here are 6 of the most popular theories on Atlantis:

1.Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic and it was suddenly plunged into the ocean.

2.The Bermuda Triangle swallowed up Atlantis.

3.Atlantis is actually Antarctica.

4.Atlantis was a myth retelling the story of the Black Sea Flood.

5.The Atlantis story is a legendary retelling of the story of the Minoans.

6.Plato just invented Atlantis.

Which, if any, of these 6 theories of the lost civilization of Atlantis makes the most sense to you? Why?

If you have a different theory about Atlantis, feel free to share it!

Popular Atlantis Theories

---could it have been the land of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, written about the Col. Churchward?   The Pacific, too, is ‘outside the pillars of Hercules’.

Sonya Porter


No, Atlantis was not Mu. There are many supsicious structures in the Pacific that point to Mu.

Ed Hanson


That’s a fair question Sonya. Judging by all the other replies on this thread there are many theories as to what Atlantis was and where it was located. It is interesting that some people are quite adamant that their solution to the question is the correct one however it is obvious that Plato was not exactly sure himself where the legendary continent was. Nobody knows for sure where the place he was referring to is located.

The ancient continent of Mu has also been called Whaga and Pan in different historical texts. It may or may not have been called Atlantis in later myths and legends (by later I mean at the time of Plato). The entire continent of Mu, Whaga or Pan did not disappear below the ocean, parts of it are still above water. Many of the smaller Pacific islands are individual mountains (mostly volcanoes) and the larger islands are mountain ranges of the continent. It was huge and covered much of the middle and northern Pacific Ocean. The coastline at it’s western extremity included Sulawesi in Indonesia then heading north it included the Philipines, Taiwan, Japan and the Aleutians. From there the coast headed south to Rapanui or Easter Island, meaning that what is know known as Hawaii was about 1,000 miles or 1,600 km inland. From Rapanui the south coast encompassed Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu and the huge island of Papua new Guinea, extending to Sulawesi in the west. The continent of Australia was separated from Pan by the Torres Strait and the Arafura sea.

Remnants of an ancient high culture have been discovered on most of the Pacific islands and Sulawesi. Indeed some very large temple structures have been discovered underwater: Nan Madol in the ocean adjacent to the island of Phonpei and Yonaguni in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. There are also extensive canals on the island of Papua New Guinea that have been overgrown by forest.

Being such a large continent the people who did escape the submersion would have gone to North and South America, and places that are now known as Siberia, China, Vietnam, Borneo, Java and Australia. In all of these places the indigenous people have legends of the great flood. As people migrated throughout the world the story or the cultural memory would have been carried with them.

Whether that is the continent later referred to by the Greeks as Atlantis we will never know because Plato himself did not know where it was.


Anomalous structures in the Malta-Sicily channel

Around 24,000 years ago sea levels were steadily falling as ice sheets continued to grow. Around this time, Mediterranean sea levels dropped so low that a land bridge formed connecting Malta to Sicily cutting off an important east/west sea trade route  This land bridge remained intact for thousands of years until sea levels started rising again following the ice age glacial maximum, and Malta once again separated from Sicily reopening the east-west sea corridor. This area coincides with a tectonic plate boundary and several fault lines, so many sudden inundations likely occurred. This location in the middle of the Mediterranean would have been an ideal ice-age location for trade and a good central home for a seafaring Mediterranean civilization. Could an ice age civilization have made its home here? I think so. Malta itself has some of the oldest megalithic structures ever found, dating back at least 7,000 years and anomalies such as cart ruts that could be much much older.
From a study of bathymetric data of this area there are what could be the footprints of a large city surrounding a natural deep harbor. There are numerous anomalous structures in this area including some that rise over 100 meters from the surrounding sea floor. Sea floor depth is 130 +/- meters at this location, generally where the sea shore would have been at the glacial maximum 20,000 +/- years ago. The arrangement of the structures is consistent with how a city would have been built around a harbor. The scale of this city is very large, and its location, close to where Malta and Sicily separated leaving a navigation channel, is just too uncanny to be a coincidence. Atlantis? ..maybe.. Email me at [email protected] to get a bathymetric survey of this area and if you have access to a well equipped boat with shallow seafloor mapping capability, please head to 36.30 N 15.24 E and tell me what you find!

Anomalous structures in the Malta-Sicily channel

A bathymetric 3D view (EMODnet) shows an underwateer city perched on the edge of the Malta-Sicily escarpment on the far eastern edge of the Sicily channel. Is this Atlantis? Are the two large structures to the left the Pillars of Heracles? The depth suggests an age of ~20,000 years ago when this area was dry land.

Anomalous structures in the Malta-Sicily channel

Around 24,000 years ago sea levels were steadily falling as ice sheets continued to grow. Around this time, Mediterranean sea levels dropped so low that a land bridge formed connecting Malta to Sicily cutting off an important east/west sea trade route  This land bridge remained intact for thousands of years until sea levels started rising again following the ice age glacial maximum, and Malta once again separated from Sicily reopening the east-west sea corridor. This area coincides with a tectonic plate boundary and several fault lines, so many sudden inundations likely occurred. This location in the middle of the Mediterranean would have been an ideal ice-age location for trade and a good central home for a seafaring Mediterranean civilization. Could an ice age civilization have made its home here? I think so. Malta itself has some of the oldest megalithic structures ever found, dating back at least 7,000 years and anomalies such as cart ruts that could be much much older.
From a study of bathymetric data of this area there are what could be the footprints of a large city surrounding a natural deep harbor. There are numerous anomalous structures in this area including some that rise over 100 meters from the surrounding sea floor. Sea floor depth is 130 +/- meters at this location, generally where the sea shore would have been at the glacial maximum 20,000 +/- years ago. The arrangement of the structures is consistent with how a city would have been built around a harbor. The scale of this city is very large, and its location, close to where Malta and Sicily separated leaving a navigation channel, is just too uncanny to be a coincidence. Atlantis? ..maybe.. Email me at [email protected] to get a bathymetric survey of this area and if you have access to a well equipped boat with shallow seafloor mapping capability, please head to 36.30 N 15.24 E and tell me what you find!

Atlantis Theories

I believe that both the lost continents of Mu and Atlantis may exist externally, but they are also metaphors for an internal knowledge both representing the two hemispheres of the brain.  The Pillars of Hercules could also be a metaphor for the corpus callosum.  Mu would represent the left hemisphere and Atlantis the right, also the feminine and masculine energies.  The stories and legends have been built up through the years, but the foundational knowledge is still there.  Just my mana’o to share.  he havai’i au


I bet we should look for additional alternatives; Amazon jungle hides many mysteries, one of them might as well be connected to this ancient legend of a lost civilization and its unknown territory

Joel Augusto


Atlantis was inhabitaed by the Nacaals, who were ultimately the Mayans.

Ed Hanson


You meant the utterly fictional Naacal people?

Marcus Aurelius


Atlantis and Lemuria existed when the earth did not have its great oceans. 

Which Lemuria?

Yes, you are essentially correct, but I’d lose that Lemuria stuff, especially because, while it was once, briefly, a synonym of Atlantis (and for no good reason), it became the mythical home of the lemurs.  Time to toss that term.

Marcus Aurelius

No oceans?


Ed Hanson


Our oceans came from Tiamat. 

Popular Atlantis Theories

None of the above.

The ancients were very fond of parelleling terrestrial events to celestial events, and those celestial events were sometimes far more ancient than the terrestrial events being fitted to them.

For example the city Schliemann found was Troy, … and it wasn’t.  The Troy Homer told of was a celestial story, a ‘solar myth’ … but that myth was retold by Homer in terms of the city Schliemann found.

I know that seems crazy, but that’s how the ancients saw things, hence Herodotus’ assertion that Egypt was a ‘reflection’ of heaven.  And the heaven he was referring to was a literal configuration of the heavens as they once appeared, with a celestial realm/planet up above, connected to the earthly realm/planet below by a river which was also paralleled with the Nile.  Thus, as above, so below.

Now, about Atlantis…

Atlantis is literally Saturn.  And not just Saturn, but also the rest of the planets in the ‘Polar Configuration’, albeit in a phase of its evolution reflected in the Babylonion ‘map of the world’.  That map is also a parellel between above and below.  Those ‘rays’ around the sun/earth?  Those are celestial pyramids/mountain, atop each of which was a planet, hence the incomprehensible names and descriptions: They’re simply NOT terrestrial.  And, yet, there are terrestrial places picture, but they are pictured strangely.  This is because they are being fitted to their celestial body ‘counterparts’.

So, when the original celestial arrangement broke up, and the ‘war in heaven’ commenced, Cronus/Chronos/Saturn appeared to eat his children, and Zeus/Jupiter was born, this was told as the ‘lands’ (planets) being divided.  There was an explosion of light, and water, and other elements from the nova that erupted from Saturn.  And all this landed on the earth as water, salt, sand, gravel, and more.  This is where the Sampo comes from in the Kalevala.  Saturn is the Sampo, the cornucopia, the governor of time, the father of lights (because the rest of the universe had been obscured by the perpetural daylight that Saturn gave the earth during the Golden Age, just as our current [fifth] sun now obscures the universe half the day).

THEN … the earth began to expand, draining the newly acquired salt waters into the ocean basins.  The magnetic and electric fields of the earth also decoupled from Saturn’s, completely changing our environment.  Thus the flood on the earth, and the ensuing breaking up of its crust was seen as a direct parallel (and, in fact, they were related) of the celestial breakup and flood (Saturn’s rings) (which, by the way, have an oxygen atmosphere).  The rings of Saturn are also where the description of Atlantis’ rings of land and sea come from.

And, by the way, it was Saturn’s north pole, not its south pole, which once faced the earth.  This is why Socrates described the earth as looking like one of those balls made of 12 pieces of leather.  He was describing something like a soccer ball, which was had even back then.  And he was describing it thus because of Saturn’s hexagonal black spot.  AND … the ‘sun’ traditionally being perceived as a mirror, it was believed to reflect the earth, much as Egypt was a reflection of heaven. And, if Saturn had that big, black, hexagonal patch, then, so, too, did the earth.

And this is where ALL the Saturnian black cubes come from: Tefellin, the Kaaba, etc.

It’s also, by the way, where all the fish symbology comes from.  Dagon is Saturn.  In the Indus Valley script, the fish was originally Saturn, but also came to mean star (meen), Venus, comet, etc., all using a fish symbol.  And that was because its moons were seen to swim like fish in the river that ran around it, giving life to the ‘fish’.  These are the living waters, the water of life, so powerful that, according to the ancients, they could bring life to even a roasted fish.

So, Atlantis was/is both the ancient arrangement of the heavens AND the entire earth itself.

And WE are the Atlanteans.

Marcus Aurelius

pillars of hercules

What would be your hypothesis on what the ancients were referring to when they said “beyond the pillars of Hercules”? 

The science and art of antiquity

Pillars of Hercules

… or of Atlas, in this case.  And it was also quite literal.


More to be seen here, too: https://youtu.be/j5O_gSguEMo

So, yes, they were literall pillars.  But, what Dave, et al, miss is that there were TWO pillars, hence the plural.  There was another one off our south pole, or what was once our south pole, hence the dual pillars before the Hebrew temple, Jachin and Boaz.  Jachin was the silver pillar to the south, and Boaz was the gold pillar in the north.  Atop each of these pillars once stood planets, without which there would have been no pillars: Jupiter in the south and Saturn in the north.  Hence the pillars of Hercules at Gibraltar, their terrestrial ‘interpretation’.  And it wasn’t a bad interpretation either, as, prior to the flood, there had been a ‘navigable’ river, but just a river, back then.  After the flood, and during the division of the lands, the still-forming seas were a roiling mass of mud and gravel.

And, yes, there had actually been a ‘dragon’ there, of sorts.  See Andrew Hall’s excellent videos on how the electrical discharges which once emanated only from the heavens (Zeus’ thunderbolts) later transferred to the earth’s surface as it struggled to achieve equilibrium in its new environment.  This is also, by the way, where Moses’ burning bush comes from, as well as the generally electrified environment that would turn the highly capacitative ark of the covenant into such a fierce weapon, and why it electocuted one poor soul ignorant enough to touch the thing while standing in running water.

It’s also how/why Elijah’s electrically conductive offering worked when the insulated offering of the priests of Ba’Al failed.

Marcus Aurelius

Beyond the Pillars of Hercules

The middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ed Hanson

None of the above

Ancient mythology also places Dagon as the father of Baal, who was a fish god. Dag means fish in Hebrew

Antarctica theory

There was an academic study released in the past few years that showed evidence a piece of Atlantis broke off and literally floated south to merge with Antarctica. Some advanced tools have been found in the defrosting ice (due to climate change), tools that are “out of place” for the eras involved. If I can track down the link to the study, I’ll share it here. 

The science and art of antiquity


(1)  Atlantis is a Grecian name.  Atlant – i – s.  I = masculine, S = singular.  If is was female it would be E.  If it was plural it would be A.  So for English speaking Atlant is the name.  it becomes readily apparent that At – Land and Adam Land is the name of this place.

(2)  It has been recently understood that in the days of the biblical dispersion of the Noahics (and other unmentioned survivors of the biblical flood), that “in the days of Peleg and Joktan the peoples were dispersed by the Elohim around the world.”  The Peleg tribe was moved out of its location, while the Joktan tribe remained.  Listen to the name Joktan = Yucatan and Central America of the Americas.  The Joktanites remained in the Americas, while the Pelegites were moved into the European area.

(3)  It is said in other Greek writings, that Plato encountered an Egyptian temple priest (most likely an Elohim descendant) and that Plato gave his genealogical descendancy for some generations. This would be anything from 50-100-200 years of ancestry.  The temple priest gave his own ancestry back some 32 generations.  This would be 640-800 years of ancestry.

(4)  The biblical Flood (by biblical dating) is ~1987 BCE.  It was the days of Peleg and Joktan, that ~150 years after the Flood,  ~1837 BCE that the peoples were scattered.  Plato lived 420s-340s BCE, just before the rise of the Alexandrian empire’s existence.  This temple priest would then be talking about his ancestors living back into the times of the 1150s-1000s BCE.

(5)  With knowledge of Greek historian Manetho (Amenhotep) he mentions that a portion of the Israelites, after they came into Egypt, some departed and created the proto-nations of the Greeks and Trojans.  This was the Zara-ite branch of the Judaics.  This happened, as Manetho says, some 150 years before the Exodus.  The Exodus, now confirmed by royal pharaonic genealogies and the Black Obelisk, happened in 1207/1206 BCE (the same time as the multiple Venus flybys of Velikovsky).  These Judaic Greeks and Trojans would have departed the Nile Delta to the Aegean island ~1350s BCE.

(6)  Since the Exodus date is now known, then the biblical prophecy of YHWH to Abraham can be known – and more.  The Israelites were in the Petra region of Idumea for 40 years before establishing the conquest and occupation of Canaan 1167-1166 BCE.  400 years to that gives the date, time, and age of Abraham.  Abraham was 100 years old when this prophecy was made.  This gives the date of 1567/1566 BCE.  Abraham was born in 1667/1666 BCE.

(7)  It is now known geologically that Thera exploded in 1620 BCE.  A massive migration of peoples from Europe, the islands, and around the Mediterranean shorelines (experiencing massive tsunamis) fled as refugees into the Mideast (Haran-Syria, Canaan, and the Nile Delta of Kmet Egypt).  It is the correct biblical timeline and ancestry of these Hebrews that they as the Habiru/Hapiru, mentioned alongside the Sea Peoples, and the Hyksos et al came into these regions, and established a kingdom in the Nile Delta – that was not part of the native Egyptian pharaonic peoples in tht 1620- 1295,1292 BCE period.

(8)  IF … there has been a misunderstanding that the pillars of Hercules/Heracles (a Grecian/Roman god) is at the Gibraltar Strait.  With the establishment that these proto-Grecians and proto-Romans were from these Judaic Israelites in that 1350s BCE period, then it becomes all the more real that the real Dardanelles Strait should be this/these Greek and Roman geology.  And Thera is to the West of the Dardanelles.  This is a more-valid proof that Atlant, Adam land could have been at Thera and thereabouts.

(9)  Yet, this poses a problem.  At land, Adam land, was a pre-Flood civilization.  For someone to know that Europe was Atlantis, and that the Peleg-ites were re-distributed back onto those soils, while the Joktanites remained in the Americas appears strange.

(10)  IF – one could truly state that the pillars of Hercules/Heracles were the Gibraltar Strait, then there is NO geological island or such extensive landform other than the Americas in which Atland could be.  Atland or Adam land could only be in the Americas (Central America).

(11)  Plato mentions that Atland and its curvilinear island complex with radiating spokes had to be in some larger context of a land, not oceanic region.  If one looks at an Arthur C Clarke concentric ringed and spoked space station (“mother ship”) one readily sees that there was at some time in the past a landed mother ship in what could have only have been soft soil, marsh, swamp, and that such diggings under and around the mother ship’s framework would create this Platonic architecture of Atland.  There are no such massive swamps and marsh anywhere in the Old World Europe and Mediterranean that could accomplish this feat.

(12)  There is more of the sons of Zara, it that they are listed as Dara, Ethan, Heman, Chalchol, and Zimri.  And this becomes explosively relevant.  Dara or Thor and later Darius names are those of the Germanic peoples.  Ethan or Odin are those of the Scandinavian peoples.  Heman took massive itme to find, and it all goes back to the pre-Flood and post-Flood civilizations of the Minoans.  Heman or which the (He)man – Minos – Minoans take their name are these post-Flood Linear B Israelite peoples.  Heman is King Minos, or Egyptian Amen(hotep).  Linear A peoples were the pre-Flood peoples.  Linear B is the overlaid Israelite language put onto the older Linear A language.  Chalchol also took long to discover – and its eye-opening context.  Chalchol is the Greek-Mayan Kulkul Khan (Chalchol the Great).  Greek sailing had transoceanic routes in those 1300s BCE and later times.  There were Greek and Mayan (the Magi) contacts between the Old and New Worlds (actually vice versa as the Old World Europe was the New World, and the New World was the Old World Americas in the post-Flood times).  Zimri are those other tribes of the Eastern European areas as the Cimmerians, Gomers, some portions of eastern Germans (Gomerans), and later (ancient British) Welsh, Scottish, and Irish Cymry,

(13)  Such contacts between Greece (and Rome) and the Americas would have had Atland … Adam land as the real Old World, where Noah (not in a wooden barge Ark, but an actual mothership Ark) ascended above all the planetary events of the Flood (when the Moon was captured, and disrupted the upper heavens waters in the stratosphere-troposphere region, and it all came back down).  Other such advanced Elohim, and such sons of Adam with the Seth-ites and the Cain-ites, also rose in other UFOs, riding out the planetary storm.  The said black crow and the white dove were actually technological drones send back down onto the planet and discovering such dry lands that could be re-landed at.  Such a mother ship, and Atland of Adam land, and Plato’s writing down of the Egyptian temple priests higher historical knowledge would be that land of the Americas.  The original Adam land of Atlantis would have been in the Americas, and truly west of the Gibraltar Strait and the pillars of Hercules.  This also fits with valid geological formations between these continental regions.

(14)  It was the group of 1500s CE Aztecs (Az-tecs) who were a split off branch of earlier Mayans (Maya, Magoi, Magi) who wandered in prophecy about a swamp land with a central island, cactus, and an eagle eating a snake.  They found the ancient legendary site.  A swampy place with a central island, and such other surrounding islands and radial canals.  They founded the Aztec empire at that spot, that was the same location and geography mentioned by the Egyptian temple priest in the 340s BCE.  These Aztecs were also known by their later Greek naming as the Sadduccees, again -ee-s Sadduccs, or Hebrew Sadoks, Tzaddoks, … Azt – doks … Az – tecs.  All of these Maya-Magi and Sadduccee-Aztec were from the Americas and resident in the location of the birth of Jesus.  There was Old and New World sailings and transoceanic contacts from the post-Flood times down to the Pharaonic Fleet, that was given in dowry to King-Emperor Solomon and his Egyptian pharoah daughter princess wife, that eventually came down to the Knights Templars.

(15)  Atlantis, Atland, Adam land … is in the Americas, … and with other massive equatorial geology of volcanic events (Mexico is a veritable region of explosive volcanoes, just like the equatorial Minoan kingdom of Knossos nearby Thera.  Such massive shakings, geological disruptions, liquifaction and sinking of (then) constructed buildings .., that the Platonic descriptions of the fall and inundation of Atlantis happened by geological, tectonic Ring of Fire, and volcanic explosions in the Americas.

(16)  The question arises of when the fall of Atlantis happened.  Thera happened in 1620 BCE.  And the real history of linguistics is that these fleeing people of Europe into the Mideast was the real start of the Aryan-Indo language.  It is that period of Terah and his family escaping from Europe … Europe of the Celts … (correct location of the) Ur of the Chaldees … that the Hebrews and Aryans were from Europe into the Mideast … other branches continued into India (Indu land). It is only in the returns of many of the Abrahamic sons of Keturah into India (the Brahmins) who partially came back in the time of Moses and the Nubians who welcomed them, … and then those tribes of scattered Christians who went into India (Apostle Thomas christians) and China (Nestorian christians) … that a massive invasion of China and India by the “Wu Hei” happened, and you have massive populations of hybrid bloodlines coming back into the Mideast (as the real dark-skinned Arabs, Hebrew erebs, dark-skinned people) and invading Russia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Western Europe and North Africa.  All of these groups are now found to have come from these bloodlines of former Mideast-Chinese, Mideast-Indan, and Mideast-Persian ancestries.  Thusly, modern linguistics of Indo-Aryan linguistics only point to this time period of 400s-600s when these people came into Europe, when in truth the original ancient language came out of Europe into the Mideast and into Asia, and then came back round again).

The real Atlantis should be seen as the Aztec location that became Mexico City, the same location mentioned by the Egyptian temple priest and Plato’s writings, the original departure and relanding of Noah’s UFO mothership.  The land area of the mountains of Ararat are not in Turkey/Anatolia, but in the mountains of Mexico, with such ancient Hebrew words that translate into Aztec and Maya language of today.

Atlantis was in the Americas, and that of Mexico and Central America, and its mothership capitol at Mexico City. 


With recent advanced geological studies, the Expanding Earth theory, validates that Earth has been a far smaller planet than its current volume, and continuing growth of volume.

What could have been a far smaller earth in times past, could have dramatically happened during the time of the biblical flood ~1987 BCE, when the Earth captured the rogue Moon.  Such massive tidal forces in geology could have ripped open the continents and their movements, so that the Americas, Asia/India, Antarctic, and the Old World would have separated.  What is seen and dated on the seafloor geo-magnetic signature is only what happened back then, not what is part of the upper lithosphere.  One cannot say that the small growth of the mid-oceanic ridges created the entire growing earth from time past.  We have unknown portions under the continents and those regions of burial and recycling of the tectonic plates that we truly do not know the full extent of plate tectonics, … other than their frozen geo-magnetic signatures and reverse polar magnetism recorded in the oceanic bedrock.

There is every option that the Americas, readily seen as fitting into the European and African coastlines, could have been separated and moved west, … such as the mentions that Atlantis (appeared to) sink into the seas, when it actually was vastly briken up and moved westward away from the Old World continent, beyond the visible oceanic horizon, and appears to disappear and sink into the ocean. 

The real ancient Pangaea was the Americas as the western Atlantis portion of the singular planetary continent, while the intact Old World and that of Asia/India was the eastern Lemurian portion.

With expanding earth theory, the earth continues to grow, and in previous times the asthenosphere plates (lower regions of hard rock, seabeds, and molten magma) dislocate from the upper regions of all frozen rock lithosphere and continental cratons.  These continental cratons then have any movement available to them to move apart – separate from plate tectonics, mid-oceanic seafloor ridge spreading.

When you put all this together as a singular planetary continent, on a far smaller earth volume, it is far easier for continental drift to happen apart from current plate tectonic movements.  Put the Americas back up against Europe and Africa, and such lands west of the Gibraltar Strait would be the Central Americas of Mexico, … and that of Atlantis, Adam Land of Mexico and Mexico City.


There never was one.  As Neal Adams shows, Pangea, as currently hypothesized, would have been a chain of islands becase, having all the land on one side of a larger planet would have affected the balance, shifting its center of rotation, and most of that land under the sea.  Simultaneously, it would have pushed a fair amount of ocean floor above the water-line on the other side of the earth, so you’d have two chains of islands on opposite sides of the earth, neither of which has ever been found to have occurred.

Marcus Aurelius


You fail to understand the concept of plate tectonics and isostasy.

Ed Hanson

Plate Tectonics?!

You fail to understand the concept of reality.  If things as patently absurd as subduction zones and land-masses sliding around on an asthenosphere are acceptable ‘science’ (not that either can be tested or even observed), then so is the expanding earth hypothesis.  And so, for that matter, is the geode earth.

Marcus Aurelius

"Expanding Earth"

The Expanding Earth theory is a fallacy. It ignores the Laws of Conservation of Matter and Energy,.

Ed Hanson

Conservation of Matter and Energy?!

Says who?  In what way?

Marcus Aurelius

Conservation of Matter and Energy

You obviously don’t know much about physics, do you? Where would the extra mass come from?

Ed Hanson

Conservation of Matter and Energy?!

What mass?  There is no increase in mass required.  Had there been an increase in mass, everything would have expanded, including the crust, and there would have been no separation of the continents.  My guess is that the earth is a giant geode, forcing the exterior apart as the interior continues to organize and crystalize.

But, of course, just like all of the rest of the spurious speculation here, ‘reasons to believe’ notwithstanding, that’s just a guess on my part.

Obviously don’t know much about physics.  Don’t be like that, or I’m going to start being like that.

Marcus Aurelius

Paratge72, your way of

Paratge72, your way of commenting is unnecessarily rude. If this continues, you will be banned.


That was a lot of often spurious details (known by/to whom?) that add up to nothing.  Many peoples and locales lay claim to atlantean parentage … because they all *are* of atlantean descent.

UFO mothership indeed.

Marcus Aurelius


WTF are you blathering about?


Ed Hanson


I thought there ws pretty good evidence that the “Eye of the Sahra” was Atlantis and Plato’s writings suggested that

Eye of Sahara

The change that happen to Sahara to make it a desert would fit the bill

for the area of The Eye of Sahara to have been surrounded by water thus an Island.

As more scientific investigation into the past cities of the Sahara area comes forth, this area appears to fit the bill so to speak.  Time, location, etc. match.


Jimmy likes to promote this idea, and he’s gained a number of followers, but it simply can’t be.  The Eye of the Sahara is a point of contact with a Birkeland current.  The counterrotating, concentric rings are plainly visible.  And it’s not the only one found so far.  The others even exhibit the lifting such discharges frequently cause.  For an example of how Birkeland currents cause such effects, just look at Jupiter, the most beautiful example there is.  The current enters the planet from above, and exits from beneath.  Its counterrotating, concenctic layers are what drives the alternating bands in Jupiter’s atmosphere.  And it’s not the only example.  Look closely at earth’s atmospheric wind patterns, and you see the same effect at work.

When the current branches, which happens, for example, in solar prominences, but also on the earth, those electric currents impact the earth outside their usual confinement at the poles.  This is what causes hurricanes.  Look up weather patterns, and you will see that hurricanes always come in pairs.  The one that actually developes into a storm is the negative end of the loop.  Just as with solar prominences and sun spots, the negative end is tighter and more focused.  The positive end is less focused.  Thus, on earth, the positive end of the current loop only ever becomes a generalized depression, sometimes too dispersed to even notice, but it’s there.

So, the eye of the Sahara, like its siblings, is a point where the current loop became so intense, in a far distant past of earth’s history, that the lightning became one, long, sustained bolt of electricity which bored its way into solid rock, melting and stirring it at the focal point.  Look closely at the eye, and you will also see the telltale signs of the electrical effects spreading out in circles as the loop snapped and collapsed.  You see this in solar prominences, too, but there are no lasting effects on the surface of the sun.  You can only see those on the earth (Grand Canyon) and Mars (Valles Marinares).  See the twists at their ends?  Classic electrical effects.

Marcus Aurelius

Richat Structure

While the Richat Structure MAY have been a city of Atlantis, it was NOT Atlantis. Also, many claims have been made for similar cities all over the world, proving that Atlantis was a worldwide civilization capable of astounding geo-engineering.

Ed Hanson

Eye of the Sahara

IF it was a city (no evidence), it was NOT the capital OR the nation. It may have been a colony

Ed Hanson


It is obvious that Atlantis is real. During the ice age, most of the sea bottom around continents was dry land. Above Scandinavia, Canada and Siberia, there was about 3 km of ice. When the ice melted away some 10000 years ago the sea level raised some 100-200 meters, and the inhabited land became sea bottom. The time fits well with that given by Plato. So Atlantis did not sink into the sea, but the sea raised to swallow Atlantis. It looks like this event is the same as that with Noah. Somewhere outside the coast of Europe or north Africa, Atlantis still is on the bottom wating to be discovered.


Atlantis Debate

Dear Allan, You are  right. None of the six popular ‘theories’ of Atlantis posted by Alicia make sense.  We need to undestand the past 20,000 years of geologic history since the last maximum glacial age. Plato did not lie, and could not lie; why? because he said that Atlantis was destroyed by earthquake and great flood then ‘dissapeared’ under the ocean (exactly) about 11,600 years ago (or 9,600 BCE), which was exactly the end of Younger Dryas or the end of the Pleistocene time, marked by Sudden Global Climate Changes and ‘sudden’ rise of sea level.  At that time sea level ‘suddenly’ rose 30-60 meters than follow by a slow rise of sea level until about 5,000 – 7,000 years ago (Mid Holocene).  The total sea level rise from 11,600 to 5,000 years ago is about 130 m around Equator.  So, searching for Atlantis Big Island isn’t that difficult.  We have digital Global Map now, just lowers the sea level by 130m and sea which big island that Plato talking about has been ‘sunk’.  Plato also described in glorious details about its geographic shape, its geological natures, its biological life inhibitants and its weather…. It isn’t hard to find really, a piece of cake :-)  The location of Atlantis is not in any of the place in those 6 popular theories but….

Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, Ph.D
Professor of Geology
Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Member of Indonesian Academic of Sciences


Hi Danny, I like your idea to use a digital sea floor map to virtually lower the oceans and see what landforms are revealed. I am not sure how much of the earth below sea level has been accurately mapped, do you know Danny? I am certain there are many cities below the seas and oceans of the world yet to be discovered. They may be even better preserved than the ancient cities on dry land.



I have good reason to believe Atlantis existed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Ignatius Donnelly did some good work, and the geology makes sense.

Ed Hanson


Atlantis was a Nephilim city.  Support author Andrew Collins book “Gateway to Atlantis” that Atlantis was located in southeast Cuba just east of the isle of youth.  Atlantis would have been destroyed by meteor strikes over the southeast coast of the US and offshore causing tidal waves washing over the city.  Then Allan E. statement that seal level rise due to ice melt would have placed the city under water.  There is an older Nephilim city before the “Great Flood” on far western Cuba.  Atlantis would be at a much shallower depth like the structures off the Azores (other cities of Atlantis) due to it’s construction before the end of the last Ice Age.  Columbus sailed directly to Cuba knowing the approximate distance.  The maps showing Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean were drawn after the discovery of the American Continents. There should be no continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it should just show the North American Continent and Bahama Banks, before the end of the last Ice Age (a far greater land area).  Base my findings on discoveries found in the Southern United States of America.

The Eye was one of 10 Cities

The Eye was one of 10 Cities and The Eye was, if you like the Capitol City.
Atlantis the Continent was ruled originally by Poseidon’s 5 sets of Twins therefore Atlantis was split into 10 Kingdoms or City’s and Plato was the “King” of Mauritania who lived to 100

The Eye

10 Cities, OK. Capitol City? No way.

Yes, I know the mythology of how it was founded, run, and split.

Ed Hanson

Plato the king?!

This is the kind of thing that gets us laughed at by even the most casual of observers.  Don’t you guys have any grasp on reality at all?

Marcus Aurelius


Marcus Aurelius


Marcus Aurelius


Marcus Aurelius


Clearly, the islands of the Azores are the mountain tops of Atlantis. The ocean floor dropped about 5000’ in 9600 BCE, as Lake Agassiz dumped its meltwaters into the Caribbean. The New England seamounts were dropped down at the same time, about the same amount. They were the islands that Plato said were the way to the main continent (America) beyond.

The Atlanteans migrated to Europe in 5 great waves: Aurignacian, Gravettian, Solutrean, Magdalenian and Azilian. They are the Cro-Magnon tribes whose origin has never been investigated by archaeology. 

Atlantis at the Azores was close to the Great Meteor Seamount, an active volcanic system that has left a trail of seamounts and eruptions all the way to Hudson Bay. Every time that Great Meteor rumbled and shook, another Cro-Magnon tribe left Atlantis for the mainland. On average, the seismic activities happened about every 5500 years, accounting for the regular timescale of Cro-Magnon immigration.



Marcus Aurelius