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Could Human Beings become Immortal by 2045?


Mankind’s fascination with immortality is reflected in scientific records, mythology and folklore dating back thousands of years. Could it be that the secret formula has finally been found? Russian entrepreneur, Dmitry Itskov, believes that that the answer is yes and that we can in fact accomplish this goal by the year 2045.

The ‘ 2045 Initiative’ , which has now gathered 20,000 supporters, aims to extend the human life by creating replicas of human beings combining robotics, artificial organs and neural interfaces.  Itskov, the founder of the project, believes it is the logical next step in human evolution.

The idea closely resembles the story line of ‘avatar’ in which human consciousness is embedded within an engineered body which is not as vulnerable as the human body.  Itskov believes that such steps are vital for the survival of mankind, taking into account current threats to the environment and the many other economic, political and ecological threats to the human species.

The first stage of the project, which will take place between 2015 and 2020, will involve the creation of android ‘avatars’ which are controlled by a brain-computer interface. This will allow people work in dangerous environments, perform rescue missions or accomplish many tasks that a human being cannot.

In the next stage, substance-independent minds will receive new bodies which have abilities and skills that far exceed those of regular humans. 

"Neo-humanity will change the bodily nature of the human being, and make them immortal, free, playful, independent of limitations of space and time. These transformations will not restrict the individuality and freedom of each separate person, but on the contrary will ensure maximum creative development and reveal their unlimited potential," Itskov said.

By April Holloway


The 2045 Initiative, from what I see on their website, is no more than a snake oil salesman peddling his wares to the public through the use of modern communication technology. 

I do belive that Trans-Humanism has a shot at changing us as a species, but Neo-Humanism is just one businessman’s attempt to bilk the public. 


R. Lee Bowers

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R. Lee Bowers

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