The Relic of Bir Hooker - Finger

The Relic of Bir Hooker Proof of a Race of Giants? - Part 1


In April 1988 the Swiss club owner Gregor Spörri traveled to Egypt armed with a number of books recommended by a friend to learn about the ancient Egyptian culture. It was a journey that would change his life forever.

During this trip to Egypt, Spörri was often found in the Great Pyramid where he wanted to find out whether there was any bio cosmic energy inside it. To achieve his goal he crawled through shafts,  bribed overseers, and spent endless hours in various sarcophagi waiting for evidence of a power supply. In vain. Spörri believed that if you put a bottle filled with water on top of the Great Pyramid it would explode because of the cosmic energy. He performed the experiment but sadly nothing happened.

Spörri's journey was almost over when the bartender of the hotel where he was staying told him that he knew of  an interesting excursion for him (the bartender had been watching him and noticed he was interested in extraordinary cases). Spörri was curious and decided to make the excursion. On the second-last day of his holiday, early in the morning,  a taxi picked him up to take him to his destination. The bartender showed the driver a crumpled note with the address and the journey began. The journey was a 2 hour ride to the district Bir Hooker, a place near Sadat City, located about 100 km northwest of Cairo. They stopped at a farm where Spörri met an elderly farmer named Nagib.  Nagib is a descendant of an ancient family of grave robbers. From a legacy of his ancestors, Nagib inherited two wooden boxes full of valuables that provided him a good income over the years. The stolen treasures were sold to Western tourists and the proceeds bought Nagib land. However, there was one item he never sold which has been in the possession of his family for 150 years. Only a few people have ever seen this object.



Nagib was in financial difficulty so he proposed that Spörri could see this particular object, photograph it and hold it for a fee of $ 300.  Spörri sat on a wooden bench as Nagib pulled out a wooden box and lifted the lid.  As a musty smell rose in the air, he took out an elongated packet, wrapped in a leather cloth with lace around it. Underneath the leather cloth, old rags were wrapped around a strange looking object. When Nagib unwrapped the package, a gray-brown oblong object emerges. He layed the object carefully in the hands of Spörri who examined the object with curiosity. He suddenly realised he was holding a gigantic mummified finger.

It was not an ordinary finger as it measured at least 35 centimetres long and was about 6 centimetres thick.  Spörri observed the finger in detail and was able to determine that what he was holding was old, organic and humanoid.  The finger looked like it had been cut off with anatomical precision, and in some places was crumbled. The leathery skin was ripped in places and the skin was a few millimeters thick. Between the dried skinfolds he could see remains of fungus and the nail was loose.  The surface of the skin was damanged in some places, as if mice had gnawed on it. The bone felt woody. 

Spörri was dumbfounded as the abnormal size of the finger would have meant that its owner must have reached at least 5 or 6 metres in height. His skepticism led Nagib to show him another item contained within the wooden box – a leather file folder containing a number of documents.  Inside the folder was a certificate of authenticity, some papers with Arabic and Latin letters, a Polaroid photo of the finger and an X-ray made in the 60s. The farmer's son had some research done through a friend in the hospital of Cairo.  When Spörri compared the finger to the x-ray he could see that the proportions and shape were correct and that the x-ray was of the finger he was holding.

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By Annemieke Witteveen



That is actually the finger of a giant ape, the ape itself captured and caged by primitive humans.


Does Nagib's finger and documentation including x-rays along with Spörri's photographs of the finger not constitute "proof" (at long last) of the existence of Giants. Has this data been copied and submitted for analysis by the world archaeological collective? Is it possible to extract DNA from a mummified finger?


Dr Melba Ketchum is trying to fund the sequensing of DNA from such red headed giants through a Go Fund Me financing effort. She have allready been succesful in the extraction and preparation of the DNA. You will find further information by her website or her FB page.

An old Piute legend about giants in Lovelock Nv, was proven truthful in 1906 when guano miners discovered skeletal remains of red hair humans that were 7 to 8 feet tall in a cave.

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There's a part in the Exodus story where Joshua is trying to plan the invasion of Canaan, and he decides he needs some intel, so he sends some guys to scout the territory. When they come back they give him maps they made of the land, locations of towns and cities with notes on defenses and so forth. They mention that the area appears incredibly fertile, a veritable "land of milk and honey".
They also say that the current inhabitants are absolutely huge people, literal giants.
"We were as grasshoppers in their eyes," they told Joshua.
That particular story does not appear to be using the word "giant" as a metaphor for accomplishment. It seems clearly related to physical size.
There are also mentions, here and there and scattered throughout the text, of a people called the Amorites, who are referred to as a race of giants, "who stood as tall as the cedars"....meaning the famous Cedars of Lebanon, I think.
There is also Goliath, of course. His height--given in cubits--comes to roughly nine feet. He was the runt of the family, apparently....his brothers were said to be 12-13ft tall, both of them were sort of warlord-kings. The story of the "Sons of Anak" as they were called, is fascinating...look it up if you're interested, there is a lot of good material for mulling over. :D


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