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The Unanswered Mystery of 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen


It is a commonly accepted view in mainstream archaeology that civilization started in Iraq, in ancient Mesopotamia with the great civilization of Sumeria . However, there is an archaeological discovery at the Al Ubaid archaeological site, where many pre-Sumerian 7,000-year-old artefacts were found, depicting humanoid figures with lizard characteristics.

The Ubaidian culture is a prehistoric culture in Mesopotamia that dates between 4000 and 5500 BC. As with the Sumerians, the origins of the Ubaidian people is unknown. They lived in large village settlements in mud-brick houses and they had developed architecture, agriculture and farmed the land using irrigation. The domestic architecture included large T-shaped houses, open courtyards, paved streets, as well as food processing equipment. Some of these villages began to develop into towns, temples began to appear, as well as monumental buildings such as in Eridu, Ur and Uruk, the major sites of the Sumerian Civilization.  According to the Sumerian texts, Ur was believed to be the first city.

The main site where the unusual artefacts were discovered is called Tell Al’Ubaid – although figurines were also found in Ur and Eridu. The Al’Ubaid site is a small mound of about half a kilometre in diametre and two meters above ground. The site was first excavated by Harry Reginald Hal in 1919 . Male and female figurines were found in different postures and in most of the figurines, they appear to be wearing a helmet and have some kind of padding on the shoulders. Other figurines were found to hold a staff or sceptre, possibly as a symbol of justice and ruling. Each figurine has a different pose but the strangest of all is that some female figurines hold babies suckling milk, with the child also represented as a lizard-type creature.



The figurines are presented with long heads, almond shaped eyes, long tapered faces and a lizard-type nose. What exactly they represent is completely unknown. According to archaeologists, their postures, such as a female figure breast-feeding, do not suggest that they were ritualistic objects. So what did these lizard figures represent?

Whatever they were, they appear to have been important to the ancient Ubaidian people. We know that the Serpent was a major symbol used in many societies to represent a number of gods, for example, the Sumerian god Enki, and the snake was used later on as the symbol for the brotherhood of the Snake, as William Bramley discusses. Is there a link between the symbol of the snake and the representations of lizards?  For now, these questions remain unanswered.

By John Black

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No. You're leaving out mass depopulating events and subsequent repopulatng. If you're going to be that literal, the near extinction caused by the flood skews the numbers by a magnitude you can't possibly know. Mass depopulating events such as plagues, famines, and wars (the rise and fall of numerous empires) would have reduced populations by massive amounts at every occurrence. Figure in all those events with mass depopulation and subsequent recovery and that "simple" number you start your regression with isn't so simple.

Are you so sure these "calculations" are bunk? You can use the same linear regression model used in the leading edges of science and medicine to calculate the following.

Global population today =7+ billion
Global population in 1800 =1 billion
This equates to roughly one population doubling every 60-70 years.
Now run a regression on a 65 year half life and guess how many years you have to go back to arrive at a global population of 2?

Less than 4000
This is a far more accurate method than stupid radioisotope dating which has been debunked a million times. So believe what you want, but if you doubt this method you must likewise totally discount countless established facts of science, economics, and medicine derived by this method. I'm not religious at all but these facts are what they are. Deny if you like but the math doesn't lie. If it did youd already be dead.

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The bible does not say the earth is 6,000 years old. Some christians say that, because they believe it is possible to use the bible to calculate the number of years that have passed since the biblical "creation".

Reading any attempted walkthru of such a "calculation" should leave little doubt that whatever number is arrived at is almost arbitrary, as it was aquired along a path riddled with gaps that have been spanned by assumption.

Please note that I am defending the ancient "biblical" texts here, not 6k Christians. Nor am I defending religion. The collection of ancient writings which are termed as "biblical", some of which comprise the modern Bible, are extremely valuable historical documents from deep antiquity, similar to the Pyramid Texts, for instance, or Homer's Illiad. All have references to verifiable historical events, as well as events that may be historical but are yet to be verified. All have multiple references to divine or godlike beings, the existence of which appears to be beyond question from the point of view of the authors.

Illiad, and the Pyramid texts, are considered historical treasures, they are revered and respected.
The bible is not revered or respected, and far from being considered a historical treasure, many openly state they wish it had never existed, or that it could be erased somehow.

The obvious difference between the biblical texts and the Illiad and Pyramid texts is there is an active major religion based on the biblical stuff. The other two are couched in major religions too, but those religions have been defunct for millennia, so their followers aren't around to annoy people. So those texts do not get part of the ire and retaliation of the annoyed, haha.

Wow that's ignorant. these statues are 1000 years older than when the earth was made in the bible. It is a interpretation of an interpretation of the original in hebrew, which itself was written by simple shepards and farmers, before science started explaining the world through testing and retesting. The meaning of these figures will not be found in the bible, nor will any factual information at all be found in the bible. It is irrelevant.

Rememver...abot 7000 years ago...Serpents didn't crawl on their bellies... Punishment for deceiving eve..... just sayin... find it kinda coinkidental...


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