Main Street, Levuka historical port town.

Fascinating Levuka Historical Port Town: Former Home to Fijian Cannibals and Kings

Ovalau Island is Fiji as it used to be in days gone by - an unspoiled paradise with friendly locals, the rare tourist, and an incredibly interesting history. With its unhurried lifestyle, most things...
Trading Treasures and Curiosity: The Fascinating History of Manila Galleons

Trading Treasures and Curiosity: The Fascinating History of Manila Galleons

Every remarkable story starts with curiosity. That is the primary reason why people travel and want to discover new lands. It applies to every period in history, from antiquity to our times. The...
Little is known about the natives with whom the Luna expedition made contact, but they left behind these beads, which were unearthed in Pensacola, Florida.

Lone Archaeologist Discovers First Multi-Year European Settlement in the U.S.

An archaeologist and historian working on his own found the first multi-year settlement by Europeans on U.S. soil, in Pensacola, Florida. The mid-16th century expedition of about 1,500 people led by...
A photograph of the colonial church that has emerged out of the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir in Chiapas, Mexico

Stunning 16th Century Church Emerges from Mexican Reservoir after Drought

The remnants of a 400-year-old Spanish colonial church have emerged from the depths of the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir in Chiapas, Mexico, after a drought caused the water level to drop by 82 feet (25...
View of Rich Hill (Cerro Rico).

Mountains of Silver: Tiny Bolivian village of Potosi was once the largest industrial mining complex in the world

Empires may rise and fall, but the impact they have on their conquered subjects and the future may continue beyond their passing, for better or for worse. The Spanish Empire, which began in the 15 th...