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cold case

The face of the bog body known as Grauballe man. Source: Public domain

Grauballe Man: Ritual Sacrifice? Justice Dealt? Or a 2,300-Year-Old Murder Mystery?

Of the many ancient remains found preserved in bogs and marshes, perhaps the most interesting is the Grauballe Man. Discovered in a peat bog in Jutland, Denmark in 1952, experts believe that the man...
Illustration depicting the Kaspar Hauser legend of his incarceration. Source: Public domain

Smallpox Vaccine Sheds New Light on Mysterious Kaspar Hauser Legend

In May 1828, the Bavarian city of Nuremberg was gripped by the sudden appearance of a young man named Kaspar Hauser. Clutching two letters of introduction, his arrival revealed a story of isolation...
The ruined remains of Kuldhara village in India. Source: bluesea / Adobe Stock

Abandoned for Love and Cursed for Eternity: What Happened in Kuldhara?

The Indian village of Kuldhara is shrouded in mystery. Once a prosperous and thriving community, the village was suddenly abandoned in the 19th century and has remained uninhabited ever since...
Historic Cold Cases: Five Ancient Archaeological Murder Mysteries

Historic Cold Cases: Five Ancient Archaeological Murder Mysteries

Nothing sticks in the mind quite like an unanswered question, such as a historic murder mystery, an unsettled death, an impenetrable enigma or even an ancient cold case just waiting to be resolved. A...
Persian princess. Credit: odnolko / Adobe Stock

Mummy Cold Case: Tracing the Identity of the Mystery ‘Persian Princess’

This story details a cold case like no other. It occurred after the discovery of a mummy that was alleged to be an ancient Persian Princess. It ultimately led archaeological investigators on a wild...