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16th century painting of Wilfred receiving a charter from King Cædwalla.	Source: Chichester Cathedral/UCL

West Sussex’s Lost Early Medieval Kingdom Has Been Rediscovered

New research by UCL Archaeology South-East archaeologist suggests West Sussex in England successfully resisted Saxon rule for centuries longer than originally thought, and a kingdom existed there...
Kremsmunster Abbey, Upper Austria, was founded in 777 AD by Tassilo III, Duke of Bavaria, the last of the House of Agilolfings. According to the legend of its foundation, Tassilo established the monastery on the site where his son, Gunther, had been attacked and killed by a wild boar during a hunt. Source: Simone/Adobe Stock

The House of Agilolfings, Bavaria’s Powerful Overlords

The House of Agilolfings is a significant, though often overshadowed, dynasty in the history of early medieval Europe. Originating in the region that would later become Bavaria, this noble lineage...
Modern statue of Domitian of Carantania

Domitian of Carantania, the Prince Who Became a Saint

Domitian of Carantania is an important figure in the early medieval history of the Eastern Alps, particularly in the region known today as Slovenia. Living during the 8th and 9th centuries AD,...
The mountain citadel of Perperikon, located near Kardzhali in Bulgaria, is an isolated dream for archaeologists. (Victor Lauer / Adobe Stock)

The Great Mountain Citadel of Perperikon and the Dionysian Cult

The modern nation of Bulgaria was always at the crossroads of history. Situated in a crucial historic region, it is filled to the brim with important archaeological sites and places of immense value...
Known to all and feared by many, the Curonians were famed for their prowess in battle, strong warrior culture, and an infamous reputation of raiding and plundering their neighboring shores. Source: destillat / Adobe Stock

Men from the Land of Amber: The Shocking History of the Fierce Curonians

The modern Baltic nations of Latvia and Lithuania owe a lot to their fierce and rich history. The fearsome tribes of Balts – close cousins to the neighboring Slavs – carved for themselves a small...
Viking in action. Credit: Nomad_Soul / Adobe Stock

The Life and Death of Sweyn Forkbeard and His Viking Empire

Sweyn I, known also as Sweyn Tiugeskaeg (which means ‘Forkbeard’), was a Viking chief who became the ruler of Denmark, Norway, and England. His byname, ‘Forkbeard’, is a reference to his long, cleft...
Temple of Concordia, Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples – Glorious Greek Monuments in Sicily

Sicily is a beautiful and historic island separated from Italy by the Strait of Messina . It is also surrounded by two other seas - the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. Set in the heart of the...
"Alchemist Sędziwój" by Jan Matejko: alchemist, and pioneer chemis.

Icelandic Magic, Witchcraft, and Sorcery and the Tragic Case of Jón Rögnvaldsson

Traditions relating to the dark and fascinating practices of witchcraft in Iceland are as old as the first human settlements on the island. Countless people paid for these practices with their lives...
Haakon the Good

The long goodbye to Scandinavian Paganism and the Christianization of three realms

Prior to Christianity, the lands of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway saw the worship of an amalgamation of deities known most widely as the Aesir and Vanir. The Aesir were the primary gods, ruled by the...