Mammoth tusk found at the kill site in Austria.

28,000-Year-Old Mammoth Kill Site Discovered in Austria

Archaeologists in Austria have announced the discovery of what they have described as a “Stone Age kill site.” The hoard of ancient mammoth remains indicate a zone into which ancient people must have...
Archaeologist at uncovering bones at the Kalinga site.

Butchered Rhino Indicates Much Earlier Human Occupation of the Philippines

Archaeologists have made an extraordinary find that shows that early humans occupied the Philippines much earlier than thought. According to a report in scientific journal Nature , archaeologists...
Human Bones - Aztecs ritual cannibalism

Human bones show evidence that Aztecs practiced ritual cannibalism

New research has revealed the Aztec rulers, priests, and high ranking warriors practiced cannibalism as a research rite. Evidence comes from fragments of human bones found in the Sacred Grounds of...