Relief of Zeus in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus in Bulgaria

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed an unusually large votive relief of the ancient Greek God Zeus near the Bulgarian village of Starosel. According to the National History Museum for...
Ancient Temple and Sanctuary Zeus and Hera - Bulgaria

Ancient Temple and Sanctuary Uncovered in Bulgaria

Archaeologists have found a Thracian temple and a sanctuary of Zeus and Hera in Sredna Gora, a mountain range in central Bulgaria. The Thracians were a group of Indo-European tribes inhabiting a...
Apollo Temple unearthed

Lost Temple of Apollo Unearthed by Archaeologists

On a remote island near the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria lies Apollonia Pontica , an ancient Greek colony that was buried over 2000 years ago. Excavation work being carried out by a team of...