The Pig Fat Sleds and ‘Flying’ Stones of Stonehenge

The Pig Fat Sleds and ‘Flying’ Stones of Stonehenge

An innovative professor proposes that Britain’s ancient people moved the massive megaliths used to build the world famous stone circle, Stonehenge, by ‘greasing giant sleds with pig lard’ and sliding...
Drawing of an obelisk.

Constructing an Obelisk: How the True Rocks of Eternity were Made

Since Classical antiquity, the West has had a fascination with ancient Egypt. Even Roman tourists would regularly visit Egypt in droves and all but one of the Egyptian obelisks were removed at some...
Pyramids of Egypt - Construction Theory

Engineer Releases New Theory on How Egypt's Pyramids Were Built

A Welsh engineer has unveiled a new theory concerning how the pyramids of Egypt were built, and his hypothesis completely contradicts what mainstream archaeology claims to be true. According to...