The Wars of Israel: A Military History of Ancient Israel from the End of Judges to Solomon


Canaan, a small piece of land barely larger than the state of New Jersey, has been fought over for thousands of years. During the period of the Judges, Israel was faced new challenges from the Philistines and old adversaries, including the Moabites, Edomites, and Ammonites. However, Israel would face another challenge--itself.


Hi All,

I must admit this book looks intriguing although, for a second there I thought I was seeing The Historical Fiction Book Killer Angel's about the 3 Day Battle of Gettysburg. When economy improve then I'll see about getting this Book.

Thank you for letting me know of The War's of Israel A Military History of Ancient Israel does know one other than myself trusts what The Bible says about Israel's War's?

Next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

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