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Unlocking the Secret Scroll: The Copper Scroll Tree of Knowledge


The wise Hebrew sages of old possessed a secret knowledge of astronomy where they had the indices and formulas for their prophets to map out the future in time. To safeguard the knowledge from the uninitiated, the sages disguised the indices and pretended they were a list of numerical treasures, which were buried at many different locations. When Jerusalem was under attack by the Romans, the custodians copied the list of treasures onto a copper scroll and hid it in a cave by the Dead Sea in the expectation that scholars in the future would see through the disguise. In 1952 the copper scroll was unearthed but alas, biblical scholars failed to recognise the indices and formulas of the sacred almanac from the Hebrew’s. Instead, the lure of buried treasures excited imaginations and archaeological expeditions were organised to find the valuables. Unsurprisingly, the searches all ended in failure. From my research findings on the copper scroll, I was successful in reconstructing the sophisticated almanac. One secret solved but a new mystery surfaced and it is awe inspiring where the indices of the almanac formed into the shape of a cross. The big question now is – did the prophets predict the crucifixion of Jesus? Or is there a cryptic message from beyond the mists of time yet to be deciphered?