The Tutankhamen Code


When Claude Tarba showed off a family heirloom in a crowded Arabian restaurant in Melbourne, that simple act of pride among friends didn’t go unnoticed. It set in motion a journey through the little known high mountain country of The Yemen; then on to the Italianate City of Asmara in the Ancient land of Eritrea and a hi-jacking, which landed him in Western Turkey. Eventually after a number of risky adventures that took him to the far southern reaches of Egypt, he found himself committed to a treasure quest which if proved successful would change the future perception of the human race for the next couple of millennia.

Clues uncovered in the Tomb of the God King Tutankhamen entrance our unwitting hero and his new friends, committing them all through something more than curiosity to a trail of intrigue, with villains popping up everywhere, intent on stopping them from achieving their main goal, the installation of Claude as an honorary new Pharaoh.

Despite foiling several attempts on their lives, Claude and his companions then have to contend with another scoundrel and his giant of a servant, who have their eyes on the treasure whatever it may turn out to be.

The story takes us back into the ancient world of 18th Dynasty Egypt where we meet the legendary King Solomon who with his son and heir, plan and set the stepping stones that may only be discovered and followed by a future generation worthy enough to restore the glory and spiritual beliefs of the Egypt that once was.

Not only is the narrative one full of thrills and unusual situations, it is also transports the reader into the colourful life of contemporary and ancient Egypt. The unexpected climax will have everyone thinking, ‘What really did happen thousands of years ago to kick-start civilisation as we know it today?’


Only Ukrainians, their magi, bearers of true knowledge, true ancient Russians - the original people on Earth to Jewish Satanism and aliens of alien groups (race in Ukrainian and Latin means pure, white), they are Sumerian Cimmerians, Trypillians, Arians, Scythians, Hittites, they are anti, Greeks, Slavs know what was happening on Earth, what war against them, the cradle of civilization, against the branches of this civilization, unleashed black curly, hunchbacked aliens with their satanic ideology, Judaism. As these Levites fought against the white race and the entire white civilization on Earth, and another did not exist before, the war to destroy it. How to move puppet peoples to their lands. Sumeria, Egypt, Persia, Carthage, the Ukrainians.