The Treasure in the Mysterious Mountains of Llanganati: And the incredible story of the English


Eugen K. Brunner was a man of many tales, yet withheld many more secrets! Eugen seemed to possess the uncanny ability of knowing at what point in his stories to leave out details and information, to protect his secrets, himself, and his loved ones! Very little ever leaked out about Brunner’s European past, his involvement with the Nazis and CIA in Ecuador, his family and his discoveries, until now . . . a quarter of a century after his death! In 1937 Brunner fled Nazi Germany arriving in the Republic of Ecuador on the first day of 1938. Eugen devoted the majority of his life in Ecuador to researching the country's history and exploring its jungles, rivers, mountains and ocean.

One of the last true explorers of the mysterious Llanganati, Brunner's research, writings, drawings and discoveries were the basis for many books on the topic. Some of the trials, tribulations and discoveries of Brunner's fifty year quest for Inca treasure are related in his own words! This story discloses some of Brunner's personal secrets, along with evidence and clues to the location of a hidden cache of Inca gold! Not being just a tale about treasure, the publication of Brunner’s stolen manuscript and three of his maps is preceded by the story of its theft and recovery!

An insight into Brunner's true nature and character is also presented through an intriguing short biography! Written by Brunner’s son-in-law, a picture is painted of an adventurer and historian not your stereotypical “treasure hunter,” even so, Brunner's paranoia appears more than justified!