Stepping Out of Eden


When it comes to human origins, there are so many unanswered questions and a myriad of different theories that it feels a bit like walking through a maze. In this book, Dr Rita Louise guides the reader effortlessly through the labyrinth, clearly and coherently covering an enormous number of themes surrounding the subject of human origins and addressing questions that will naturally pop up in a curious mind.

Stepping out of Eden is like a reference, presenting information not only from a scientific perspective but also from alternative viewpoints. If you are a looking only for a scientific book that will present you with ‘answers’ based on the current mainstream views of the scientific community then this is not for you. Stepping out of Eden is a book for the exploring mind, a mind that can still think critically. It is a book that you can use as a starting point to begin an amazing journey of exploration into the origins of mankind. It will navigate you through a large number of perspectives, from anthropology to myths and legends, from science to religion and spirituality and all of this in a concise easy-to-read way.

Is the domestication of wheat a mystery? Is human behaviour in our DNA or taught? How did we develop advanced skills? Why are there so many common patterns from civilizations around the world? Why are humans the only species with the concept of marriage? What gave rise to body modification and scarification? These are just a few of the fascinating questions that Dr Rita Louise discusses in her book.

Stepping out of Eden creates a canvas of connecting ideas and facts that makes you realize how little we actually know, while at the same time opening a realm of possibilities for the researchers of the future. You will then have to take each point and analyze it further, create new connections or void proposed ones and finally end up with your own painting of what human origins is really all about.

Dr Ioannis Syrigos, Co-founder of

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