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Shuckland - Haunted Landscapes Volume One


Join us on a journey exploring the weird wonders of the Waveney valley. Behind the ruined castles, soaring church towers and attractive market towns are ancient legends and folklore.

Ghosts of avenging kings, highwaymen, headless queens, ancient buried treasures, demonic entities, notorious villains, treacherous barons, murderous earls, ley-lines, paganism, yew-shrouded churchyards, old ivy-covered houses, witchcraft, strange fearsome beasts – including the notorious Black Shuck who gives his name to Shuckland.

Here's the first review from author & creative writing teach Nik Perring "Shuckland does what great book do. It transports you, entertains, mesmerises and shows you a world of things you didn't know. Christian's writing is always fun and engaging, he has a wonderful knack of infecting you with his enthusiasm. I'm nowhere near the Waveney Valley but I'll make sure I take a trip down there to see the legends, and experience the spooks, for myself."