Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt


A radical reinterpretation of the Pyramid Texts as shamanic mystical wisdom rather than funerary rituals

  • Reveals the mystical nature of Egyptian civilization denied by orthodox Egyptologists
  • Examines the similarity between the pharaoh’s afterlife voyage and shamanic journeying
  • Shows shamanism to be the foundation of the Egyptian mystical tradition

To the Greek philosophers and other peoples of the ancient world, Egypt was regarded as the home of a profound mystical wisdom. While there are many today who still share that view, the consensus of most Egyptologists is that no evidence exists that Egypt possessed any mystical tradition whatsoever. Jeremy Naydler’s radical reinterpretation of the Pyramid Texts--the earliest body of religious literature to have survived from ancient Egypt--places these documents into the ritual context in which they belong.

Until now, the Pyramid Texts have been viewed primarily as royal funerary texts that were used in the liturgy of the dead pharaoh or to aid him in his afterlife journey. This emphasis on funerary interpretation has served only to externalize what were actually experiences of the living, not the dead, king. In order to understand the character and significance of the extreme psychological states the pharaoh experienced--states often involving perilous encounters with alternate realities--we need to approach them as spiritual and religious phenomena that reveal the extraordinary possibilities of human consciousness. It is the shamanic spiritual tradition, argues Naydler, that is the undercurrent of the Pyramid Texts and that holds the key to understanding both the true nature of these experiences and the basis of ancient Egyptian mysticism.


This I believe to be true. The Ancient Egyptians were a very spiritual culture that reached into the mystic aspects of the mind as did many other highly enlightened ancient cultures. Using the spiritual eye, this can be understood through their art where they use representations of earth and sky gods to describe there interaction with various spiritual goda. It is presented in myth and legends for the general population as it was beyond their natural grasp to understand the profound meanings of the great esoteric knowledge that the Pharaohs, priests and adepts acquired in their mystical experiences. The tradition of using mind altering drugs to access spiritual knowledge still carries on today with many of the Earth religious indigenous peoples. Through these experiences, they were and are still able to mentally travel to the spirit world or alternate reality, dimensions and communicate with higher spiritual entities.

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