SEEKING SMENKHKARE: Was Nefertiti the Ephemeral One of Amarna? Explore amazing similarities between ancient Egypt and India


At its core a work of historical fiction, this novel furnishes vignettes of the history of Egyptology as seen through the eyes of Andrew Wilfred, an English archaeologist. Straddling the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the multi-lingual narrative chronicles that enchanting phase by dwelling on different spheres of society in Egypt, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India.

This book examines: British excesses in Egypt and India, racism in Egyptology and the Antiquities Service, preference to link historical objects with national identity, and the striking parallels between ancient Egypt and India.

Andrew forges a strong bond with Howard Carter at Amarna in 1891. The mysterious Pharaoh Smenkhkare of the late Eighteenth Dynasty captures his imagination during that expedition led by Flinders Petrie.

Life as a field director in the Valley of the Kings under the overbearing sponsor Kenneth Morton, and the love-struck millionairess Cynthia Rawlinson, is frustrating. Only George Cox, a physician, seems to understand Andrew best.

Though held in high esteem by the fellahin, powerful people wish to eliminate Andrew after a devastating incident rocks The Valley. Can he survive their diabolic designs? Will he find King Smenkhkare’s burial place and reveal the monarch’s identity to the world?