Sands of Amarna: End of Akhenaten


This play is a work of historical fiction that is set in the last days of Akhenaten’s reign, in the royal capital Akhetaten. It is a difficult time for the Lord of the Two Lands, the beloved of Aten, as he is betrayed by those whom he trusts implicitly.

Nefertiti, Akhenaten’s beloved wife and greatest source of strength, through many a tumultuous period in his life, seems to be wandering away from him. There is rebellion at the doorstep of his kingdom, and a horde of priests from the Amun cult are plotting to kill Pharaoh. With his health failing steadily and in great personal anguish, Akhenaten wonders if Aten too has abandoned him.

Will Akhenaten defy the odds and win the day with all the power at his command? Or will the besieged Pharaoh, beset by treachery at every turn, crumble under the weight of the onslaught of hostile forces?