Porte Magiche


Magic Doors? Alchemical Doors? Mystical Doors? Interdimensional doors?

Italy, here and there hides testimonies from a distant past, testimonies that lead back to an era - for another always current ... - in which Man has tried to tear, even for a single moment, the "veil of Maya", the "veil" that according to a not fully understood interpretation of Buddhist thought - would represent the illusion of reality that surrounds us. Almost like the Japanese term Ukiyo, or "the floating world"...

In the book you can explore Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, in front of the mysterious " Porta Magica " of Rome and also participate in the adventurous life, the esoteric interests of the Marquis Massimiliano Palombara, a character of which it would not be easy to reconstruct in detail the adventure and the complex events that have studded its existence, a person who has the undisputed merit of having preserved the existence of the monument, the testimony of a knowledge perhaps lost ...

In the first part of the book we will temporarily leave the Urbs aeterna - where we will return in the second part - and we will move not far away, to Rivodutri, in the province of Rieti.

Here, an unknown stonemason to whom the "mysteries" of esoteric research were not entirely foreign - or "guided" by those who had mastered such "mysteries" for some time - has engraved symbols and messages in the stone that, as for the " Porta" of Rome, make "rivers" pour in, if not exactly, certainly "rivulets" of ink from those who have always struggled in trying to cast a quick glance beyond the "veil" that would separate the immanent reality from the transcendent one.

We will then descend into the South of Italy, into the wonderful land of Salento, to try to interpret symbols and inscriptions engraved in the stone of a strange " Porta" in Corigliano d'Otranto, a delightful town in the "magic" Puglia. This door appears as a 'reading' of the thought expressed centuries ago by those who wanted to make eternal their vision of life and the mysteries of existence. Not forgetting that in the 'magic Salento lived and worked also an unknown astrologer and alchemist, Matteo Tafuri. by some considered a sort of 'Nostradamus di Soleto' , a pretty village rich in artistic evidence and linked to curious legends...

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