The People of the Dead Sea Scrolls


This work attempts to provide answers to some important questions that have emerged in media reports on the Dead Sea Scrolls, such as: have certain manuscripts been suppressed?; do the manuscripts question substantial aspects of the Jewish and Christian traditions?; and do the roots of early Christianity derive from the Essene movement? It presents information on the literary heritage, the social organization and the religious beliefs of the Qumran community and its links with early Christianity. The text aims to provide the reader with an opportunity to look behind the scenes of the research of the Dead Sea texts and the ongoing scholarly debate on the origins of the Essene movement and the Qumran sect.


Interesting topic. When it comes to old texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls are considered one of probably the most important old texts discovered in the last couple of years. The Israel Museum has been lambasted previously for not providing more extensive access to the fragile and damaged files. Now, global admittance to the files is being provided online. The Israel Museum and Google have combined to supply the access to these documents. Source article:

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