Omicidi: Il fascino del Male (Italian Edition)


A look into the deepest recesses of the human mind to discover the most horrible murders committed by men and women of various eras. Led by Roberto Volterri and Bruno Ferrante, we will retrace Italian and foreign historical cases such as the crime of Via Merulana in Rome or the brutal murders of Henri-Désiré Landru that took place in France at the beginning of the 20th century. What were the reasons that led these subjects to kill, maim and sometimes cannibalize their victims?

Criminal intelligence, serial killers, deviated minds such as the "Rostov Monster" Andrej Čikatilo, cannibal and murderer accused of at least 53 crimes or the group of "Beasts of Satan", perpetrators of heinous murders in the name of the devil. A careful and detailed analysis that will rediscover the history of the true Dr. Jekyll as well as the role of the emblematic Aleister Crowley become the source of inspiration in the last century of many deviated minds. We will investigate a very strange and perhaps not impossible technique of post-mortem investigation that would allow us to derive the face of the murderer from the retina of the victim up to the ancient techniques of criminal investigation flanked by esoteric systems to prove the guilt of a convicted. A text that posits itself as a careful criminological and psychological analysis of human nature, of those impulses and disorders that can generate in certain subjects an unstoppable homicidal instinct sometimes associated with unmentionable acts against the victims themselves.

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