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The Nephilim: An Unholy Brood


The Nephilim: An Unholy Brood

THE NEPHILIM, AN UNHOLY BROOD, continues the quest for the traditions of the enigmatic scions of the gods. In a dramatic reassessment of history, the author presents a detailed case for a huge influx of Mesopotamian influences into the Mediterranean during the early second millennium BC, explaining the origins of Heracles, Perseus and Kadmos amongst others. Among the newcomers was an ancient and mysterious race vividly described as the dragon-seed, who spread from Canaan all across the Mediterranean Basin and beyond. Their migrations, movements, religious cults, intriguing myths and secret doctrines are carefully investigated and followed.

New light is cast on the gigantic Anakim of biblical tradition, the mysterious Rephaim, the Sea Peoples of Egyptian renown and the elusive Kimmerians. The accursed race later on exerted a profound influence during the formative years of Rome and even imperial Rome, with the great and powerful Julian dynasty having claimed such descent. They also feature in the Qumran texts, having played a significant role in certain Gnostic circles as well as their disputes and differences with the early Christian church.

This work explores the secrets and enigmas of the Nephilim like none other had done before, following their traditions through history, spanning thousands of years. After taking a fresh look at the old Greek and other traditions, a totally new and altogether different picture emerges, a picture that will undoubtedly amaze and take the reader by surprise.