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National Treasures: The Mapungubwe Gold Collection of the University of Pretoria


The Mapungubwe Gold Collection curated by University of Pretoria is perhaps the most significant and astonishingly rare archaeological gold collections in South Africa. The Mapungubwe gold collection comprises of hundreds of gold bracelets and beaded gold necklaces that are made up of over 12 000 gold beads. Including over two hundred gold coiled anklets and gold bangles, as well as a diversity of gold foil forms of which the most recognizable are the animal figurines of a gold rhino, a gold leopard and a gold cattle figurine as well as some decorative gold foil forms. This beautifully illustrated publication covers this remarkable archaeological gold collection providing a wealth of information about their discovery, history, meaning and preservation of the Mapungubwe Gold Collection by the University of Pretoria.

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