Mount Shasta's Forgotten History & Legends


Suppressed knowledge contained in the region's historical record proves that California's legendary mountain is older, and far more mysterious, than previously imagined.

An in-depth historical investigation of the mounting evidence that a lost civilization inhabited California and the Pacific Northwest in prehistoric times...

  • Examines evidence of a Great Flood that destroyed the Pacific Northwest in ancient times, reaching as far inland as Mount Shasta.
  • Examines unusual legends detailing mysterious beings who used to inhabit the Pacific Coast, but vanished from history following a terrifying cataclysm - some legends suggest these beings returned to the heavens, others state that some fled underground to survive…
  • Reveals little-known northwestern oral traditions which describe a race of prehistoric giants who used to inhabit California and the Pacific Northwest, whose civilization was destroyed in a catastrophic Flood
  • Reveals new information and clues about a mysterious treasure, giant skeletons, and the relics of a lost civilization hidden somewhere in the Mount Shasta region

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