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The Monk and the Antichrist: A Novel of Passion in the MIddle Ages


The Monk and the Antichrist: A Novel of Passion in the MIddle Ages

Set in the Middle Ages this historic novel follows the lives of three fascinating characters; each battling their own inner and outer demons. Brother Philip is driven by his obsessive desire to discover the secrets of lost Hermetic teachings, through which he hopes to reform his religion’s restrictive rules and to create a more loving Church. On the outside, Brother Antonio is an attractive, charming canon lawyer who represents and protects the interests of the Church of Rome. Inwardly he fights an overwhelming physical attraction to fair-haired, naive and very handsome Philip. To succumb to that forbidden attraction would condemn them both to the tortures of the Inquisition and to the fires of Hell. Unexpectedly, Brother Philip is pulled from the monastic walls and assigned by the pope to raise the orphaned child who will become the Holy Roman Emperor.

Through his military skill Emperor Frederick II, called stupor mundi (the wonder of the world), takes command of his ancestral lands and rules much of Europe with an open-minded respect for other religions. He dares to defy the pope and the dictates of the Church and in return its full fury becomes unleashed against him. The pope calls him the ‘Antichrist’ and excommunicates him, not once but thrice, while at the same time maneuvering to usurp Frederick’s ancestral lands and their rich resources. The monks conspire with the emperor as he leads the Sixth Crusade to free the Holy Land. This story weaves well-researched facts of Frederick II’s life and shines light on the medieval world which comes alive through the many adventures of the Benedictine monks.