Manuale di psicotronica


Parapsychological experiences seem to belong to the fields of physics, biology, psychology and science in general. They are, therefore, largely susceptible to measurements, visualizations, recordings.

A study of such experiences can also be put within the reach of the individual experimenter who, with modest means associated with a discreet technical-scientific preparation, wants to undertake research in the various areas of that disputed science that the author himself prefers to define as Psychotronic.

The application of electronic technique to the study of the complex, elusive paranormal phenomenology is therefore the common thread that in this manual the reader will be able to follow constantly to realize, with less than modest expense, simple or complex electronic tools for the study of the Kirlian Effect, of the Backster effect and for Biofeedback experiments aimed at facilitating Telepathy and extrasensory perception in general.

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