L'ombra della clessidra. Tra le ombre della storia, tra infiniti misteri, tra gli angoli più oscuri delle vicende umane


Historia magistra vitae est? Sometimes yes, sometimes it forgets that it is, or we forget about it ourselves.

What seems unquestionable is the presence of events whose explanation is not immediately evident because the available documentation is certainly not exhaustive, because "the winners write history", because the events themselves are located so far in time that a good part of them appear evanescent, indecipherable, hidden by the mists of past eras.

Roberto Volterri has deliberately articulated this book on the events that do not always find exhaustive explanations, alternating them apparently "at random". So, together with some "religious" reflections on the Antichrist, motivated by the discovery of a strange wooden table now preserved in Canossa and the strange, "sulphurous", Parisian church of St. Merry, you will find a chapter on the esoteric research of characters such as Isaac Newton and Robert Fludd, followed by chapters 

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