Hannibal Rising: The Hunt for a Lost Battle and a New Past


Hannibal: The father of strategy and the world's greatest battlefield tactician, victor of the battles of the Trebbia, Lake Trasimene and Cannae, yet the first chapter of Hannibal's meteoric career has remained unwritten until now. Meticulously researched, military historian Ricky D Phillips now compiles the history of Carthage and ultimately of Hannibal, looking at his military education, the battles and campaigns handed down by his forbears such as Pyrrhus of Epirus and his own father Hamilcar, and ultimately leads us to Hannibal's first campaign and his first - and also his largest - battle, lost to history since 220BC. A tour-de-force of ancient history which takes the reader from the times of mythology through to known history and into modern-day battlefield archaeology, uncovering at last a lost war, campaign and battle and solving the riddles of an era shrouded in myth to finally write the first chapter in the life of one of the world's greatest military commanders.

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