Gli stregoni dell'alchimia


In this book - which the Author has set up as a sort of "Manual for experiments" - you will find what ever a lover of "strict observance" alchemical studies would like to find in a text in which the magical word Alchymia appears! Alchemy is usually viewed as a very ancient system of character that is expressed through a language - more or less understandable - making reference to multiple aspects of knowledge, from physics to astrology, from medicine to metallurgy to the most diverse artistic expressions ... But, usually, it is considered as an "unbecoming" ancestor of modern chemistry, a little earlier that the latter saw the light within the current scientific method. This book combines rigorous scientific research, history, the analysis of some of the most fascinating mysteries of our past and above all the possibility of directly reproducing some alchemical experiments including the transmutation of gold! An invitation to research and study and to discover our past.

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