Gli stregoni della Scienza


Nikola Tesla, Giuseppe Calligaris, Ferdinando Cazzamalli, Raffaele Bendandi, Marco Todeschini, Guido Cremonese, Pierluigi Ighina and various other 'eccentric' researchers. What do these characters have in common? They, without any doubt, could be considered 'wizards' of Science, perhaps 'misunderstood geniuses', poised between technology and science of strict observance and those fascinating border territories where creative 'madness' marries - often with incredible results! - with what we already know about the Universe around us. We will thus discover the first experiments for the prevention of earthquakes by Raffaele Bendandi; we will know how to obtain electricity from blueberries and the first research for the treatment of multiple sclerosis by Giovanni Mancini and we will enter the mysterious world of Coral Castle and its builder Ed Leedskalnin. Each chapter of this book is enriched by an Experimental Appendix that will allow the reader to repeat and relive the initial experiences of these solitary, heretical and sometimes unknown scholars.

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