Gli Stregoni della Musica


Gli Stregoni della Musica

A book in which - on an ideal stage facing an abyss of follies, oddities, mysteries - some "sorcerers" who have spent their lives in a musical universe studded with "sulfurous" notes, diabolical harmonies, esoteric dissonances wander around.

Everything originated when Dr. Volterri thought of investigating a strange musical score frescoed inside a strange church located a short distance from a strange and abandoned cemetery. Both, of course, duly and strangely ... "deconsecrated"! This is what is called the Devil's Sheet and in this book you will find unpublished images and an even more unpublished hypothesis on the short musical expression written by witch who knows who, who knows why.

But you will also find many Wizards of Music, such as Niccolò Paganini and his diabolical violin to which they regularly "jumped" the strings during the histrionic performance of the great Master. You can then play the Devil's Trill by Giuseppe Tartini, the score of which is reported in the book, but you will also be able to hear which strange melodies can arise from very short and enigmatic pieces of music depicted in curious paintings or graffiti on ancient walls, because at the end of the book you will find a kind of transcription of musical notes-numbers, just as it happens in the simplified system, to learn to play, of a well-known brand of electronic keyboards.

You will not feel the nostalgia of the brilliant Nikola Tesla because here you will find a whole chapter dedicated to "High Voltage Music" and you will discover that music can be created with anything. Even with car parts, crystal goblets and pot lids!

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