Genesis Characters and Events in Ancient Greek Art


The Greek gods look exactly like people because they are people, glorified ancestors in the way of Cain, boasting of their exaltation of humanity as the measure of all things in the post-Flood world. Despite Socrates’ testimony that Zeus and Athena were his “ancestors,” this significant interconnection has remained the overlooked key to understanding our true origins—until now. (See for the human genealogy of the gods). The 170 full-color ancient vase and sculpture images in this extraordinary book depict:

  • Zeus’ and Hera’s relation to the serpent-entwined apple tree
  • Cain killing Abel on the Parthenon
  • Seth-men as Centaurs seizing Cain-women as their wives (Genesis 6:2)
  • How the Greeks remembered Noah’s Flood • Naamah (Genesis 4:22), the Cain-woman who survived the Flood as Ham’s wife
  • Naamah/Athena consecrating her grandson Nimrod/Herakles to the way of Cain
  • Nimrod/Herakles usurping the authority of Noah/Nereus
  • The altar of Zeus in Pergamum as the throne of Satan from Revelation 2:13
  • The post-Flood Cainite onslaught against the line of Seth
  • The true identity of the Amazons, and much more.


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