Fairies: Real Encounters With Little People


Hordes of tiny people playing at a spot in Wales called "Fairies Bog" impossibly tiny shoe found in Ireland...fairy dust discovered on Mount Shasta, California...the wondrous sighting of a winged woman inside a rose.

These and many more astounding accounts offer tangible evidence about the existence of fairies, dwarves, gnomes, pixies, brownies, and elves. Amazing facts include information on the healing powers of fairies, the connection between the little people and UFOs, fairy sites to visit in the British Isles, and much more!


I hope this book addresses the fact that fairies as "little gossamer winged things" is a relatively new idea. Our ancestors would not have recognised that perception at all. The Sidhe of Irish Celtic Mythology, for example, are far from that.They are actually usually taller than us, can appear in many forms and are to be dealt with with extreme respect and caution. I will go with them, thanks.

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