Enigmi Misteri delle Porte Magiche


Enigmi e Misteri delle Porte Magiche in Italia. E non solo… - Vol. 1: Rivelazioni Non Autorizzate (Italian Edition)

In this Volume 1 on the 'Alchemical, Magical, Mystical Doors' the story is set in the Eternal City, Rome, at the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, in front of the mysterious "Magical Door" leading to the investigation of the adventurous life and esoteric interests of Marquis Massimiliano Palombara. It would be difficult to reconstruct the complex events that punctuated his life on earth in any detail, but he has the undisputed merit of having preserved the existence of this monument, the tangible testimony of a knowledge that may have been lost.

Historical research into the immense historical archive of Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne has been carried out in order to reconstruct not only the life and works of the alchemist Maximilian and his many children - from two different marriages - but also to obtain unpublished information on the disquieting events that led to the demolition by the Municipality of Rome of the Villa Palombara on the Esquiline Hill and, consequently, to the disappearance of almost all historical evidence of the Marquis' strange "esoteric" interests. The only survivor, as we have pointed out, is the mysterious "Porta Alchemica" or "Porta Magica", which for decades has been the subject of rivers of ink from those interested in the less accessible, less known and more "mysterious" aspects of knowledge. Volume 2 on other mysterious Magic Gates in Italy is also being published almost simultaneously...

Also available with all pictures in colour and also in E-book version.