The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America


  • 888 Human Giants Documented
  • Giant Human Remains Uncovered in 47 States
  • Native American Legends of an Ancient Race of Giants
  • Giants With Double Rows of Teeth
  • Giants With Horns Protruding From Their Foreheads
  • Giant Mummified Remains
  • Mass Graves of Ancient Dwarfs
  • Advanced Mathematics Used in the Construction of Earthworks

The discovery of giant humans in North America is the result of pouring through over 10,000 State, County and Township histories at one of the largest genealogical libraries in America. Hundreds of additional accounts were also found within newspaper archives.

888 historical accounts of giant human skeletons discovered in North America is the largest collection in print. The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America chronicles two distinct waves of giant humans migrating to North America. As early as 7,000 B.C., strange people arrived on the North American shores of gigantic size with Neanderthal looking skulls. Their spread across the American landscape is documented not only by their massive skeletons but by an identical material culture that was found buried with their remains. Double rows of teeth and skulls with protruding horns make them one of America's most intriguing mysteries. At the advent of the Bronze Age another migration of giant humans found their way to North America. A persistent legend exists with Native Americans of a people who came to trade and mine the copper from the Upper Great Lakes. They left an indelible mark upon the landscape of the Ohio Valley with their large burial mounds and earthworks aligned to solar, lunar and stellar events. The measurements of these works reveal that they were constructed with the knowledge of advanced mathematics and geometry.

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