The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife


Discover the truth about dying, death, and the afterlife—and how it all relates to the here and now.
From childhood, David Solomon has always been fascinated by near-death experiences (NDEs)—and The Dead Saints Chronicles is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of study and research.

After sifting through 5,000 recorded NDEs, Solomon has drawn fascinating conclusions about salvation, death, sin, heaven, hell, and immortality. The overriding thesis emerging from Solomon’s riveting “Zen journey through the Christian afterlife” is that “heaven” (an exalted and divine state of Consciousness) is “real.” Those who have died (physically or mystically) and returned to Earth, he concludes, are free from the fear of death and have often found a renewed faith in God. Their descriptions of “the other side” and the nature of Jesus, however, challenge common interpretations of the Bible.

Largely written during Solomon’s battle with terminal Glioblastoma brain cancer, the book is also a deeply personal account of how the author relates his life’s work to his own tenuous mortality. Through journal entries, recordings of dreams and after-death communications from deceased loved ones, and autobiographical reflections, Solomon is able to give theology, spirituality, and overwhelming concepts like death and the afterlife a relatable immediacy.

Part educational volume, part guide, and part memoir, The Dead Saints Chronicles is unlike anything written to date. Intended for all types, backgrounds, and creeds, the book challenges readers to expand their thinking while providing all the lessons they need to recognize, understand, and eventually experience the state of heaven.

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