Dall’ India Alla Bibbia


A journey between the Far East and the Near East in search of a forgotten history. What influences and contacts had the oldest India, the Indus civilization, with the Sumerian peoples, the Hittites, the Mitanni and the Jewish people? Analyzing the historical sources, Enrico Baccarini and Andrea Di Lenardo have drawn a line that unites these civilizations and their knowledge, outlining a framework that could rewrite our past. A hypothesis supported by the history and the most ancient documents of humanity, a journey through 5000 years of history buried by time and memory. Who was Abraham, the one whom Voltaire himself indicated as an Indian exiled? Why is the so-called Star of David found in India and Japan centuries before its appearance in Israel?  It is not enough to know a language, or be able to translate it, to penetrate into its spirit. It is not enough to be a scholar of a tradition or a "wisdom" to be able to say that you know it. Sometimes the exclusivism of certain Orientalists has been so radical as to have led them to believe themselves capable of understanding the Eastern doctrines better than the Orientals themselves.

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