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Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets


"I am so impressed with your work and your research. It was a pleasure." - Erich Von Daniken, Best Selling Author "Chariots Of The Gods" and Television Host "Today, Billy Carson brings to our community, the Compendium of the Emerald Tablets. Finally, we are able to dive deeper into the meaning of what Thoth really intended for us to know, to explore and discover what is truly important about ourselves and the world around us." - Jimmy Church,, iHeart Radio and Coast To Coast AM The goal of this book is to provide you with a deep understanding of the profound and ancient knowledge that is your birthright. I will lead you on a journey that will delve into the history of the Emerald Tablets and the secret mysteries contained within these cryptic artifacts.As we begin, it is important for you to know that The Emerald Tablets were written by an ancient being known as Thoth the Atlantean. To date, there have been two manifestations of the Emerald Tablets. First, thousands of years ago Thoth created multiple tablets of text and then concealed the location of these ancient tablets. Second, Thoth chose to incarnate as Hermes the Thrice Great. As Hermes, he carried a single Emerald Tablet.What to Expect In the first two chapters of this book I will provide information so you can understand and validate for yourself the role of extraterrestrials in our history. I will also offer evidence as to how Thoth the Atlantean was influential in our development as humans.Chapters 3-17 contain the words of Thoth as translated by the American, Dr. Michael Doreal. Doreal's translation often uses stanzas-a grouping of lines used in poetry. I have kept this format to make it easy for you to recognize when the words of Thoth begin and when they end. In each chapter, I add information and commentary to further express the meaning I find in the quotes from Thoth.