China's Cosmological Prehistory: The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilization's Earliest Symbols


An examination of the earliest creation traditions and symbols of China and their similarities to those of other ancient cultures

  • Reveals the deep parallels between early Chinese words and those of other ancient creation traditions such as the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt
  • Explores the 8 stages of creation in Taoism and the cosmological origins of Chinese ancestor worship, the zodiac, the mandala, and the I Ching
  • Provides further evidence that the cosmology of all ancient cultures arose from a single now-lost source

Building on his extensive research into the sacred symbols and creation myths of the Dogon of Africa and those of ancient Egypt, India, and Tibet, Laird Scranton investigates the myths, symbols, and traditions of prehistoric China, providing further evidence that the cosmology of all ancient cultures arose from a single now-lost source.

Scranton explores the fundamental similarities between the language that defined ancient Chinese cosmology and that of other creation traditions, revealing the connections between the phonetic structure of the words, their glyphs, and their use. He demonstrates striking parallels between the earliest systems of writing in China and the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt. He examines the 8 levels of creation in Taoism and the cosmological origins of Chinese ancestor worship, mythical emperors, the zodiac, the mandala, and the I Ching. He details the fundamental principles of land-use in ancient China in relation to the symbolism of a Buddhist stupa and the Dogon granary, ritual shrines that are also the central symbol of other creation traditions. Understanding the true meanings of these symbol complexes also reveals the sophisticated scientific understanding of these ancient cultures, for these creation symbols directly correlate with our modern understanding of atoms and the energetic makeup of matter.

In exploring Chinese cosmological traditions, Scranton sheds new light on the contention that the sacred knowledge of the ancients is the legacy of an earlier culture who gave primitive humanity the tools they needed to birth the first known civilizations


Excellent article!
After watching Talbotts Symbols In An Alien Sky presentation at one begins to make more connections of how ancient knowledge has been suppressed.

In Search Of The Dark Star the Dogon AFRICAN TRIBE sirius planet star x is a nice general video that introduces the lost connections or secrecy of knowledge between tribal rituals and ancient knowledge.

Scranton in this interview did not link any of ancient symbolism with the galactic electrical phenomena in the ancient, catastrophic, night skies that all cultural tribes would have horrifically experienced back then. But is a somewhat illuminating interview involving atomic properties with Dogon rituals. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the electric universe theory the Dogon's have obviously exposed with their masks.

The Ancients likely built the pyramids to withstand planetary close encounters to some degree. The Giza Pyramid appear to be designed to create a charge difference above the thicker layer found at about level 135 which may have acted as a planetary, static-shock, repulse engine.

Really long long ago, the world was together. That means, Chinese, Indians, Whites, Blacks and everyone else worked together. Hence, the Knowledge spread well. I was in China, long ago, doing Industrial work and they told me as such by their senior person. Thank you.

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