"BIOLOGY OF THE IMPOSSIBLE ", published for the types of Eremon Editions, will take you on a long, interesting, sometimes incredible visit to the endless rooms that make up a virtual laboratory of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. You will closely observe some experiments actually carried out by doctors on the borderline between a brilliant madness and the desire to advance the techniques of transplantation. You will also sneak into Dr. Voronoff's laboratories and see what he experienced in a villa on the border between Liguria and France to donate Immortality to Man. You will see that Nature is sometimes much more Stepmother than Mother because it gives birth to poor unhappy affected by all sorts of morphological anomalies. Dragons, real, fake and imaginary monsters - perhaps even "Vampires" - will keep you company for a few chapters as you get closer to the most 'worrying' part of the book: the Experimental Appendices in which you will learn to carry out some simple experiment that will introduce you, embryonically, in the mysterious world where Luigi Galvani, Giovanni Aldini, Sergej Voronoff, Ulisse Aldrovandi, Konrad Dippel, Raimondo Di Sangro and various other crazy wits that dared to look out on a strange world, fascinating, sometimes... non-existent, roamed around.

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