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David Childress, popular author and star of the History Channel’s show Ancient Aliens, takes us on an incredible journey in search of the truth about (and science behind) the fantastic biblical artifact known as the Ark of the Covenant. This object made by Moses at Mount Sinai—part wooden-metal box and part golden statue—had the power to create “lightning” to kill people, and also to fly and lead people through the wilderness. Featured in such popular movies as Raiders of the Lost Ark by Lucas and Spielberg, the Ark of the Covenant is probably the most mysterious object in the Old Testament—what was it? The Ark of the Covenant suddenly disappears from the Bible record and what happened to it is not mentioned. Was it hidden in the underground passages of King Solomon’s temple and later discovered by the Knights Templar? Was it taken through Egypt to Ethiopia as many Coptic Christians believe? Childress looks into hidden history, astonishing ancient technology, and a 3,000-year-old mystery that continues to fascinate millions of people today. 

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I saw this when I was in Ethiopia , its a box covered with animal skins and blankets, protected by a very old priest

I dont know how old it is or how it got there

I never knew if it was the real deal, they wouldnt uncover it, let alone open it

They said it contained the tablets Moses bought back from the mountain, what is in there is a mystery

I cant really see it myself, if it was true, it would be in a museum somewhere, not stuck in a church in Ethiopia

I couldnt even see what the box was made of

If anyone can shed any light of what is in it, I would be very interested, drop me a line

Hello Derrick001,

The Arks building was Commissioned by God therefore, The Ark itself belongs too God. God chose who would guard the Ark of the Covenant Chest. Although, I am doubtful of The Ark you saw in Ethiopia.

That might not be the original Ark of the Covenant Chest, there's a Ark of the Covenant Chest in Heaven, some Scholars believe that at one point there were 3 Arks built.

I do know that The original Ark is in fact up in Heaven with God.

When the Philistines stole the Ark mentioned in 1st Samuel which is The Book of the Prophet of God Samuel.

God utterly destroyed there statue of the god Dagon in its temple.

First he was face down before the Ark of the Lord, second time Dagon was broken in to two places his human body was separated from his Fish half of the body.

The Scriptures testified that was why Philistines in that era never crossed over the doorway to the Temple dedicated to dagon.

Then after that event God struck the Philistines down with a dreaded Disease scholars believe today it was a combination of Ebola and the Black Death sent by God.

So the Philistines sent the Ark of the Covenant Chest back too Israel, which was drawn by two heifer cows who were still nursing their calves; No Human drove that cart but it went straight too Israel winding up in a farmer's field.

Then some genius opens the Ark too look inside it and God kills them for the crime of touching The Ark, God expressly forbids anyone from touching The Ark.

It could be the Third one you saw but, nevertheless God never intended His Ark to be in a Museum.

The Ark is a symbol of the Covenant that God established between His People The First Believers Israel.

The Ark was always housed in the Tabernacle of the Lord in The Holiest of Holy places; where the head priest could only enter once a year too ask forgiveness of All of Israel's Sins.

If the High Priest did not confess His Sins unto God then He would be killed.

When David tried bringing The Ark of The Covenant too Jerusalem it was delayed because David forgot too Bring the Kotathites that were suppose too carry The Ark on their Shoulders so when it nearly fell off of a Cart drawn by Oxen a man named Uzziah reached out and touched it and The Bible said God was angered by this action and killed Uzziah for touching The Ark.

Welcome to the Old Testament.

Two of Aaron's Sons got drunk then offered unto God strange incense the scriptures states God killed them for their drunkenness and the offense of offering strange incense, you may be wondering over that?

God executed the two men for that?

Strange incense and drunkenness?

Their deaths was the fault of Aaron their father who continually neglected their training in the service For the Lord everything was to be done in an Holy Manner when in The Presence of God.

The other reason that strange incense offended God so is it's quite, possible that the incense they offered unto God were used by The Egyptians and the other surrounding Nations around them in their religious ceremonies in the worship of their gods.

Remember God's first Commandment too Israel To Love the Lord God thy with all thy heart and all thy Soul... I AM the Lord Thy God who brought thee out of Egypt; whom delivered the from Egyptian Bondage punishing the inquities of the father's upon the third and fourth generation's... Then God continues...

1.Thou Shalt Not Have Any Other God's before Me.

2nd Commandment Thou Shalt Not Make unto the Any Graven Image. Neither what is in the Air, what is in the Land, what is in the Water Ye Shall Not bow before them.

2nd Commandment answers why God destroyed the idol dagon in 1st Samuel.

So the incense was not Holy it was unholy Incense that was offered to the Lord by Aaron's two Son's.

The fact you're alive and others that were with you that indicates too me it's Not the Original Ark. However, It still shouldn't be in a museum.

Hi Ancient Origins,

If one wishes too handle the Ark of The Covenant better get Norman Lear because not only is he an Levite but, his family Kotathites were the only ones anointed by God too carry the Ark of the Covenant Shoulders.

Korah is Norman Lears cousin by 5000 years and counting he's infamous in Bible History but you can read about him in The Book of Numbers the 38th year of Israel wandering in the desert for 40 year's. Korah and the other Kotathites were First Cousin's Aaron, Miriam, and Moses himself, I know that because Dr. Henry Gates. Jr program on Finding Your Root's.

Norman Lear wanted too know who He was so He went too Dr. Gates too find out.